What Cerises were actually made?

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  1. Okay, so I'd love something in the Cerises collection since I think it'd be a good addition to my LV collection (small, but growing :P). what bags/wallets were actually made with the Cerises pattern? I see all these bags that I just KNOW were never made in the cerises pattern!!

    Thanks ladies ;)
  2. speedy 25 cerise, pochette, sac plat, keepball
    a little round coin wallet, wallet with zipper, and a compact.
    i bought myself the last pochette cerise here in munich just before x-mas. :love: now lv doesn't produce them anymore and they are hard to find just on eBay but there are a lot of fakes around and they are more expensive then the retail price.
  3. I've got the Cerises bucket. It's really cute, and it also comes with a pochette accessoires that I carried as a clutch. I plan to sell it very soon because I want to get another Suhali bag.

    A speedy, sac plat, keepall, wallet, agenda, pochette clefs, and agenda refills were also made. There are more that I can't think of off the top of my head.

    Oh yes...the Lezard cerises, which I've never actually seen in person.
  4. Ugh, I never really liked the Monogram Cerises myself.
  5. i just liked pochette, speedy zipped wallet. i wanted the speedy but i thought a bit to long and it was gone. now i just hope that they'll do a nice limited edtion this year.
  6. I have the little round coin wallet but I think the other bags were a little overkill on the numerous cherries! ;)
  7. I got a speedy 25 in colombia. It's fantastic but I never carry it.
  8. they had a speedy 35 or something like that (luggage) at the LV at Saks in Portland and they were sending it back to paris because they said it will never sell. They said people there didn't like the cherise because of the little faces on the cherries.
  9. Really? That sounds off because all of the other Maurakami creations (i.e. cherry blossoms, onion head, panda bear, now the cerises) had faces on them, and they were hits! Especially the now super rare cherry blossom collection.

    And it was a Keepall 45 that was the luggage; the Speedy 25 was part of the handbag collection.
  10. the keepball and that didn't sell well over same with sac plat. they were even sitting on the shelves on 27th december. i didn't like them because of the big cherries and i am not keen on sac plat antway.
  11. ^^^yeah the sac plat isn't that nice
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