What cellphone is in your LV?

  1. Just curious what all my fellow LV lovers talk on...figured you'd all have great taste.:p
    I currently have Sidekick II in my handbag, however I'm thinking of getting sidekick III (or something newer) next week.:confused1:
  2. Well when I purchase an LV I will have a Razr in it.. but soon after.. let us say RIZR!!!!!
  3. I have the silver RAZOR -so over-rated, the quality just isn't there as all the hype about the phone claims!! Don't get me wrong it's stylish, but there are things about it that makes me wish I still had my LGXXX -whatever model it was!!
  4. Nokia 7610
  5. Treo 700W
  6. LG KG800 - White Chocolate. Not the US version
  7. like you, savvyblonde, i also have the sidekick 2, but am thinking of updating to the sidekick 3..
  8. Right now I have the hot pink Razr, but thinking of getting the Blackberry Pearl....anybody have this or have heard anything about it? Edited to say:
    I don't like the Razr....WAY overrated!!! Hard to hear, the buttons are horrible.......

    It's funny, I was going to post this same question....you beat me to it! ;)
  9. :cutesy: Yes....We should also ask do you like it and why???
  10. pink razr and sidekick III
    razr IS overrated. the screen is always oily looking no matter what..
  11. I just got a new white Samsung D807, LOVE IT!!!!!:love:
    I had a razor before.
  12. Oh, I'm so glad to hear that about the screen....I thought it was just me! ;)
  13. i use a Samsung D500C (the first ever Samsung slider phone), but when i go to Manhattan at the end of the month i'll be getting a Samsung D840 :drool:
  14. gold DG Motorola Razor V3i
  15. Treo 700 and I love it!