What cell phones are Minkettes carrying?

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  1. Okay, this topic probably sounds silly, but I have to ask what everyone else is carrying as far as cell phones are concerned. I use a moto razor v3 that has seen its better day, and want to buy another so.... What are y'all carrying???? By the way, I'm on the original at&t wireless, and will probably have to upgrade, but not to an iphone. So which one, and why? Thanks ladies!:smile:
  2. I have an Iphone! I love it, but if i was to switch, i would want a Blackberry Curve, Nokia E71, or a Nokia N95
  3. I have an iPhone...so I guess I am of no help! I absolutely :heart: it though...
  4. I just have a stupid LG black flip phone, I liked it a year ago and everytime they come out with new phones I like something else right away LOL... I'm upgrading come October when I get the discount thru Verizon!
  5. Blackberry Curve and I am obsessed with it! Typing this on it right now. They have it for ATT.
  6. Another iPhone! The original one, not the 3G version that just came out. (And yes, I am not happy that it's twice as fast and half the price I paid, grrrr!)
  7. iPhone....original version and I'm obsessed with it! But if I had to make a switch to a different phone I would have the BB Curve. I had the BB 8800 before the iPhone.
  8. I have an iphone, and I love it. But if I didnt have it I would probably either get the Blackberry curve or that LG slide phone!
  9. Blackberry curve! Love it - easy to use, easy to type!
  10. I've got a Blackberry Curve too!! Now I know why they call it the Crackberry lol!!! Can't leave it alone for a sec....Hitchcock Blonde, how do you get the Purse Forum?? Everytime I try to sign on, it gives me an error message :thinking:
  11. I have a bberry pearl and a samsung jukebox phone (I don't carry music on it, I just like it bc it is tiny!)
  12. Um, I have the biggest brick you've ever seen, because I work for an automotive supplier, and phones with cameras are totally outlawed, so we get stuck with what I think are new unused phones from about six years ago!!
  13. Palm treo
  14. Blackberry Pearl, but would rather have the Curve.
  15. iphone 3g, and it is absolutely amazing!