What cell phone service would your recommend?

  1. I currently have Verizon and overall I like them. I get a connection in many areas but I feel they are not up to date in technology as other services. My contract ends soon and I am trying to decide whether I should stay with them or find a different service.

    I would like to hear your inputs and your experiences.

    I also may be getting a family plan for me and my bf to share so if any of you have that which service offers the best deal.

    Thanks everyone
  2. I love my TMobile service! I haven't been with them for more than 4 or 5 months, but so far so good!

    They haver cute phones...I have the pink Juicy Sidekick II and my fiance just got the new MDA.

    Good luck!! :smile:
  3. I am happiest with Verizon Wireless. Cingular and T-Mobile don't work for my areas, I experienced a lot of dropped calls.
  4. I think it depends on location. I am in NorCal and I hate T-Mobile. I also have the Juicy Couture phone and I am willing to give it up for decent service. My husband and I always joke that the reason T-Mobile's plans consist of lots of minutes is because they always drop calls, for us anyways.

    My suggestion is to make sure that the carrier you chose has great coverage in your area!
  5. I love TMobile phone but service is not good where I live. I currently have Cingular and my 2 year contract is done next month so I will probably stay with Cingular. My next Cingular phone will probably be one that slides up to open since I have been wanting that for some time now.

    I agree with everyone else. You should get the service that is best in your area :smile:
  6. I've had T-Mobile for the last few years now... my sister and I also share a family plan together. It works for now... we don't use any of the fancy services or anything. I think the service is decent around here, and have never had any major problems.

    Thing I don't like about Sprint or Verizon is that you can only use the phones they provide.

    With t-mobile or cingular, I like that I have the option of purchasing an unlocked gsm phone from overseas if I wanted to. It is a bit expensive, but it's nice to have a newer and better phone before it's actually released in the US and everyone else has it.
  7. i think it really depends on where you live. i live in a pretty rural place and verizon is the only carrier without huge gaps in their coverage. if you're closer to a metro area, it won't be such an issue. also, think about what most of your friends and family have for carriers. a lot of time, calls between people on the same carrier are free.

    i agree that the phones/technology are a little behind, but overall i've been pretty happy with verizon. the only other option in my area though is cingular...and they royally screwed me over years ago, so i don't deal with them anymore. plus all my friends and family have verizon so the "in" network thing really helps our bill.
  8. LOL Michelle good point--

    it is important to look to see what carriers have the best coverage...I live in AZ and I rarely (knock on wood!!!) experience drop calls. :smile:
  9. Ask your local teenagers.

    I need reliable coverage for my business. To find out which cell phone company has the best coverage in my area, I asked teens from all over my county.

    Teenagers are the best experts on local cell phone coverage and connectivity.

    By the way.......
    To cut down on my cell minutes:
    When I am home, I forward all calls to my home Voip phone. So if I get a nice long call from a friend, the minutes do not count against my cell max.
  10. I have Cingular & I really like it. I got it when I was in college & was driving between Georgia & New Jersey a few times a year. It was the only provider at the time that had coverage areas in all the states on my drive.

    Look at the coverage maps of the phones you're considering before buying. IMO, TMobile has the worst. I really wanted a sidekick, but their coverage too sucky.
  11. Cingular works great for us! The quad band phones even work out of the country. :yes:
  12. Cingular is great.....

    NEXTEL sucks!!! (IMO of course!!)