What Celebrity Handbag Collections do You Envy??

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  1. I would think I died & went to heaven to with these gals collections!

    Kimora Lee Simmons- WoW:nuts:
    Jessica Simpson
  2. Definately Kimora, her conspicious consumerism and self styled "largest private collection of Louis Vuitton" makes for not too shabby a collection.. Baby Phat bags are awful rips of designers though.

    J. Simpson

    N. Richie (!!!)

    U. Thurman, she's got all these really limited edition Louis Vuitton bags, must be part of the perks of being a part of their advertising campaign. ;)
  3. I can't stand either Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie, but I like their collections.
  4. nicky hilton has like 15 balenciagas, who doesn't want that? and i love all of jessica simpson's horsebit hobos and her LV trunk.

    ooo and mischa barton's chanels. i want parts of their collections, not the entire thing, lol.
  5. Jessica Simpson hands down so much variety, and Kimora as well, she does have Jackie Onasis' LV trunk, how I would love that!
  6. Jessica, Nicole, Nicky, Lindsay, Mischa..........

    It'd probably have taken less time to tell you what celebrity handbag collections I don't envy.
  7. Jessica, Lindsay, & Nicole! The bigger their bags get..the smaller they get though :smile:
  8. paris once said she has around 3000 bags. i'd like to go through her stuff and pick some :smile:
  9. Kimora for her vase LV collection.

    JSimpson for her variety in great bags.......(and her LV ;) )

    Imelda Marcos. Heck, if she had all those shoes, there've GOT to be some great bags in there too!
  10. Kimora for sure.. but I wonder if you still appreciate the LVs after getting almost every single item.. It might take the pow out of it a little..

    I do envy Nicole's, Lindsay's and Jessica's collections as well.
  11. Pretty much on par with everyone...

    Nicole Richie
    Lindsay Lohan
    Mischa Barton
    Olsens (with so much money between them, they must have an awesome collection)
  12. Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Simpson, Nicky Hilton, Nicole Ritchie...
  13. Jessica, Nicole & Gwenyth
  14. I would have to say Suzanne Sapperstein. I bet she has hundreds of Hermés bags in crocodile and excotic leather.
  15. Jessica Simpson and Sarah Jessica Parker.