What Celebrities Wear When They're Shopping - PICS **

  1. I need some new inspiration for what to wear when I go shopping......:yes:
  2. The Queen VB
    car1310JP.jpg HOT BECKHAMS fe (18).jpeg HOT vic&daveforvogueitalia1220JP (4).jpeg HOT VictoriasBeckhamsJPEG (3).jpg VB 2f_1.jpeg
  3. Jennifer Aniston
    car22Jen leaves her Jaguar for the Valet 00.jpg Furniture Shopping #4 00.jpg HOT COMBATS JenAniston Jennifer & Best Friend Andrea Bendewald 02 (4).jpg HOT JENNIFER ANISTON 020998sc.jpeg Jen visits Barneys New York in LA 01.jpg
  4. Cute...you always start the best threads!!
  5. Jessica Simpson
    06JESSASH.jpg HOT jesssimpson2132-394x600 (3).jpeg HOT pjsimpsfinger1.jpeg jesssimpsopn3418-374x600 (2).jpeg ppopp07.jpeg

  6. Awwwwww, thanks Kimmy.:heart: ;)

    Popping into London tomorrow and need some ideas for an outfit that'll get the paps wondering if I'm someone famous - I think it's so funny when they do that!!! :roflmfao:

    Rachel Bilson (& Mischa Barton)
    rachel-bilson-big-hat-04.jpeg rachel-bilson-big-hat-08.jpeg rbilson30_122_330lo.jpeg 52235_RBilson081206_06_340lo.jpeg Mischa Barton (17).jpeg
  7. Sienna Miller
    02sss.jpeg FFFlaw_miller_050122_03.jpg HOT Sienna Miller dressed for winter with Jude (0).jpg Sienna & Jude with rafferty (10).jpeg SiennaMiller in wierd red dress with cute LOVE purse (8).jpg
  8. Thanks for the pics!
  9. Thanks for another great thread...
  10. this is an excellent idea!! thanks for creating this thread!!
  11. I just think that one should NEVER ever wear tracksuits out of the house.. what more to shopping! Always be presentable!