What celeb do you resemble?

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  1. i hope this thread wasn't already started
    Many many people over the past years have told me that I look like Italian actress Maria Grazia Cucinotta (I don't think she's very popular in foreign countries, but she acted in 007 "the world is not enough", where she dies immediately!:sad: ). Unfortunately, my breast is faaaar smaller than her :crybaby:
    Then my Bf says I also look like Terry Hatcher: even though Cucinotta and Hutcher don't resemble, I must admit that sometimes I do resemble our desperate houswife (not in being desperate and not being an housewife!)
    mgc.jpg mgrazia.jpg terry.jpg
  2. WOW!! You are much prettier than either of those two celebs!
  3. NoNO!! The 3rd picture is always Maria Grazia Cucinotta...I'm a dummy when it comes to technology:yes: But I must admit in some picture I really look like her :shame:
  4. Either way, if you resemble her, you must be totally awesome.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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