What celeb closet would you want to live in.

  1. What celeb closet would you just :heart: love :heart: to get into? :yahoo:

    Please post any links to stories or photos.

    For me it would be Ms Victoria Beckham's $500,000US closet. :drool:
  2. It would have to be Mischa's Closet!!! all the Chanel bags:tup:
  3. yeah that would be an interesting closet.. never mind the H bags ... :drool:
  4. Victoria's closet is definitely something interesting for me. Besides her's I would also like to live in Nicole Richie's closet for her huge Balenciaga bags collection.
  5. I agree. She wears a lot of cute clothes and i love her shoes!
  6. Jessica Simpson (when she was with Nick and looked cute all the time), Mandy Moore (everything would fit me--we have the exact same body type), Charlize Theron.
  7. Mandy Moore's and all her Coach bags!
  8. Nicole Richie's closet, for sure. Love her vast collection of Balenciagas. Or...Niki Hilton. Again, same reason. Can you tell I'm Bal obsessed?
  9. Jennifer Aniston- for her classic wardrobe
    Victoria Beckham- for everything!
    Nicole Richie- cute bags & dresses
    Christina Aguilera- amazing bags and CL shoes!
    JLo- for accessories
    Elizabeth Hurley- always looks chic & fabulous
  10. don't know but...
    kimora - not a fan of her style but her lv-collection on amazing
  11. christina aguilera's and lindsay's
  12. Victoria Beckham
  13. Mandy Moore or Lauren Conrad
  14. Mischa Barton!! She has almost every bag I want! CHANELS :heart::heart: She looks gorgeous but not trashy, she gets the balance right with every outfit she wears!
  15. nicole richie, Nicky Hilton just for the bbags and chanels!