what caviar purse...?

  1. hey all i've tried searching here but i can't find anything! i've been looking for a new purse/wallet for my girlfriend (she's geting sick of the nice mont blanc one i gave her!) and i need help identifying a caviar wallet. would like to know what it's called, and i don't have any pictures so if someone could please post a pic so i can i.d. it that would be nice! it's a chanel caviar red purse, and it's approx 6 or 7" long, and 3 or 4" high. i saw it in the shop in melbourne and that's pretty much all i remember. it was about $aus800.

    what do people think of these? chicks like them don't they?!!?
  2. no one? well can someone point me in the direction for a good chanel website, because the official one is totally crap
  3. Can you please write a better description by any chance? Like what the CC logo looked like if anything? If it had a flap, if it was checkbook sized? Did it have a quilted pattern? What you said was kind of a vague so I'm not sure what to look for.

    BTW, is it a wallet OR a purse? You say both terms but I'm gathering that it's a wallet???