What causes veining in bags?

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    Ok,all this talk about vening. Some like it, some don't. I know some bags have veining and some do not (within the same skin types). What causes the veining? Is that the animal's veins because that would probably ruin it for me.

    Who likes veining, and why? Who doesnt, and why? What's the deal?
  2. ditto for me.
  3. I do not think it has anything to do with the animals veins. For me it depends on the bag itself and the skin. Sometimes it works other times it does not.
  4. Deep wrinkles on a mature animal? :roflmfao:
  5. LOL. :smile: Hehehe, if only mine were so gorgeous!!!
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    I've read on here that the veining is actually from the fat on the cow. More fat, more veining I think.

    I'm not a big fan of veining just because I like things to be even and if one side is vein-ier than the other it bothers me because it's not symetrical. :sweatdrop: But then again it makes the bag look unique so I kind of like it.
  7. ^ I think that is fair. To each his/her own! It makes the world go round!
  8. probably ther leather fjord which has that natural charactaeristis.
  9. Leather is animal skin. It's probably the genes.
  10. Did a little research and discovered that veining occurs in leather when the animal is not drained of blood right away. Now that is an answer that might gross out a few people!

    I like veining in togo leather as I think it gives it more character and it is more interesting looking. It is all personal taste in the end.
  11. That sounds incredibly cruel :shocked:.

  12. oh groan...ewww
  13. The animal is already dead. I think the mode of exit is more an indicator of cruelty. If the animal has been dispatched, then it is really up to the slaughterhouse people and the intended use of the animal.

    People that feel very strongly and who are vegans, very often refuse to wear any clothing, shoes, or bags made of leather. Stella Mc Cartney is a vegan and does not use leather in her clothing line, shoes or handbags.

    As saddle makers, Hermes has always used leather and has reached the point where they custom order everything from their suppliers so I suspect that they are telling the leather people the look they want in their leather goods. It may be hard to face the fact that to get that look the animal will be bled at a much slower rate. But the animal is already dead, and how long it takes, isn't really an issue anymore.

    I suppose the end of this little piece is that some answers to questions are not always very pleasant.
  14. Before I came onto this site, I just saw a nice bag, felt it and liked it, I had no idea about the veining issue. I personally dont mind the veining on any bag, it imo makes it unique. I can understand why some people dont like veining and they look for a non veined bag which do turn up.
  15. ITA. I didn't realize that the process to reach that unvein-ed leather look is as such. It's quite a shocking fact.