What causes the wires to come (poke out) of the "holder' in bras??

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  1. I've had this problem with two of my regular (not nursing) bras lately. The tip of the wire has somehow managed to poke a hole through the fabric and wander it's way up my chest throughout the day.

    Do any of you know what causes this to happen? If you don't know what I'm talking about, I can provide a picture example of the bra.

    How do you prevent this and what causes it?
  2. Do you launder your bras in the washing machine - not by hand? I find that the underwire pokes a hole though the part that is supposed to hold it in place because the material gets worn. This happens to my bras if I machine wash them - I don't really treat them with any particular care and dump them in with the rest of my clothes. I used to hand wash my bras and it never happened then.
  3. ^^ machine washing bras will do that. i still do it though, lol. i just buy new bras!
  4. One of the bras I only wash by hand (because I'm afraid it'll fall apart in the machine, lol) but the other I have put in the machine a few times before...They were good quality bras, too :sad:

    Oh well! Guess I gotta buy some new ones then...
  5. Happens to me all the time. It's good to know what I can do to prevent it now that I'm getting new ones!
  6. I think it might be a quality issue. I have some cheaper bras that the wire poked out within a couple of months. All of my bras that I bought from Victoria's Secret are still intact, some for about 4 years.
  7. Depending on how good you are at sewing, you can usually wiggle the wire back in and then pull the fabric closed and sew it up. You'll want to use a lot of thread and keep stitching over your stitches to give it some cushion so it doesn't immediately rip again.
  8. Yes it has happened to me (all good quality) then I just pull the wires out, they usually annoy me anyway, I far prefer a good shaped non wired bra!
  9. Lol, funny, because that just happened to me today with my favorite Victoria's Secret bra, and definitely not 4 yrs old, so it does happen to theirs too, and it has happened to my bras from there in the past.

    I really think it is the machine washing, however, I'm lazy and I won't be hand washing my bras...I just figure it is a result of my laziness and I have to pay the price - new bra!
  10. First I would make sure that you have the right size bra.

    I was tempted to just answer the question "heavy bosoms." ;)

    You mentioned nursing, so you might not yet be at a place where you can count on your bosoms to stay pretty much as they are, but once you do get there, you can buy a lot of bras, then each one will have to do less work, so they will all last longer.

    Usually what happens is, we may have a dozen or more, but we wear only one or two of them most of the time!

    What we should do is get a whole mess of them that are like that one or two!

    You can minimize the impact of mashine washing by putting the bras in a pillow protector that zips up, and using the "gentle" cycle.

    Then put them in the dryer for only about ten minutes and let them air dry the rest of the way.
  11. This is what I normally do. Just poke it back in and sew the material up.
  12. As mentioned this is caused by the wear of machine washing. I wash my bras in the washing machine, but I place them in a undergarmet bag. The bag prevents the bras from being tossed around in the machine. I also hook them closed before placing them in the bag. None of my bras that I do this with have I had wire come out of them.
  13. Three things:
    - Strain from too large breasts for the bra. Maybe you should get yourself remeasured.
    - Washing bras on normal cycle. Stick to delicate.
    - Quality of bra makes a big difference in terms of how long the bra lasts.
  14. There's a special mesh bag you can buy for washing delicate items in the washing machine. They only cost a few dollars and they will help prolong the life of your bras if you aren't into hand washing. Also, make sure to let them air dry.

    Many fabric stores adn drugstores carry them. I actually bought mine at Ace Hardware of all places.
  15. Spoken like a woman who has yet to discover the ravages of gravity. LOL

    Underwire is my friend!