What causes handle slippage?

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  1. Okay what causes some bags to slip off your shoulder and some don't. It seems like the worst offenders are bags with 2 straps and one of them always seem to slip and the other one on stays just fine. Please explain this mystery:confused1:
  2. Well I wish I knew but I think the single thick straps stay on best. I've returned bags with slippage, just annoying!!
    BTW, I love your dog's shoes--I live near your neck of the woods. Haven't tried shoes on my pups (10# cockapoo) --still paying for last year's surgery.
    I also like bags with longer straps than are currently popular. Look around when you are out in public--I've observed a strong preference for carrying bags on the shoulder.
  3. I have this problem with my bags and my bra straps, so I'm guessing my slouchy shoulders are more to blame than the bags :push: I definitely think the handles that are the worst offenders are on the shorter side, are stiff, and/or rolled (as opposed to flat). I think the bag shape has to do with it too - the fatter (wider) the bag, the harder it is to keep against your body. I agree with Shappy, single wide strap works well. But if it gets REALLY annoying, you could always go for a hand-held style, backback, crossbody, etc.
  4. No way, it's not slouchy shoulders and it's not bras, because I have excellent posture and big wide muscle-y shoulders AND often wear racerback bras, and I have just as much slippage as the next girl. It's one of the main reasons I switched over to crook-of-the-arm bags.....
  5. I know for me it has a lot to do with how wide the straps are since my shoulders are pretty narrow.
  6. it have to dow ith the shape of the handles. and the shapes of your shoulder :yes:
  7. Could also be the friction between the material of your blouse or top and the leather itself......sometimes my straps stay on perfectly with certain tops, and then one falls off for no reason. I think it's gotta be the material that it is moving up against.....:yes:
  8. I have that problem too. Switched to racer back bras and am searching for a bag to love that WILL STAY UP! Actually, for some reason, most mj and mbmj stay up beautifully but I'm longing for a carmelly colored bag and he doesn't have it!
  9. I find that my bags slide off my shoulders more when I wear "slippery" fabrics, too.