What causes do you support?

Stevie Lover

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Jan 28, 2007
I donate monthly to my parents charity- they help anyone in supreme need, their home phone is a 24 hour crisis line and they help people in the UK and internationally having built a youth centre in Vitez, Bosnia. I'm very proud of the tireless work they do :yes:

I also regularly donate to Warchild, Shelter, Angels against Addiction and Breast Cancer. I also recently made a significant donation to a local hospice who cared for my friends mother in her final months. I also give my time whenever I can to various local projects.


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Oct 31, 2006
I regularly support two animal rescue/fostering organizations in my city.

When I can, I give to the American Red Cross.

Each year at Christmas, I make gift boxes for Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child.


Oct 12, 2006
For those interested, there are many websites with information about different charities, especially the larger ones, if you're interested in things like administrative costs, executive salaries, advertising budgets, even the organizations' tax returns.

The links below are not the only sites with information about charities and non-profits.

You could use these links as just starting points, and google around. If you're a googler, you know how that goes. ;) You click a link, you see something, and then you open a whole new google window, and another, and another, depending how deep you want to dig...







Oct 6, 2006
This year I have donated to the Komen Race for the Cure, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and a local food bank.
I have also donated to no kill animal shelters and plan donations to local charities near thanksgiving and xmas.

This year I am walking in the Pittsburgh Komen Race for the Cure to benefit breast cancer research!
I'm walking to honor my Aunt who I am lucky to say is a survivor.
My page is here:

(If it is inappropriate for me to post that, I hope the mods will edit for me.)


Oct 12, 2006
...usually any place that calls asking for a donation like for veterans or local police/sherriff dept.
You might want to check with your local law enforcement agencies before sending that check or reciting your credit card number.

Every year around the holidays, the law enforcement agencies where I live do a sort of campaign, advising people of the correct names addresses, phone numbers, etc for the various police, sherrif, etc related charities, and advise people who receive calls to ask for address, phone number, as well as state registration numbers.

This is because every year, there are unscrupulous people who do calls and solicit money ostensibly for thing like wounded/retired etc law enforcement personnel and their families, and give organization names that sound very official, and very similar to organizations actually affiliated with the police department, etc. They are very successful at collecting money, especially from elderly people.

The problem is that they have no connection with any law-enforcment related charity...