What causes do you support?


Feb 17, 2006
I support animal-related causes, and have posted here in Gen Discussion about this working sheepdog and border collie rescue in England that has been doing some fine work (like many animal rescue/shelters all over the world).


Would be grateful if any of you could forward this link to someone you think might be interested to read about Sarah and Paul, and the wonderful selfless work they are doing.

Thanks in advance.


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
The Food Bank, the local Human Society, other animal protection groups (I prefer local ones, so the London Animal Alliance gets $$$ !), also the Red Cross.

I really prefer smaller groups over larger ones, so for instance, there's always fundraisers on campus for small targets, e.g. sending children to school in so and so (a student had done her ethnography time there and wanted to give back to the community, a group sponsorred a small community in Sierra Leone and wanted to send the children to school), local food drives and the such.


Ladybug Lucy
Feb 13, 2006
I support a local animal rescue which saves animals from euthanasia. www.halorescue.org. That's where I got my sweet little dog in my avatar. I also regularly donate to the foodbank. I am also part of a volunteer club at my work. I donated last year to Red Cross. I make regular non $ donations to goodwill.
Jan 23, 2006
scarlett_2005 said:
^ I am so glad you also support the foundation for Parkinsons Disease Pradasmeadow!! My grandfather passed away from complications of it in 02.:sad2:

This year dh and I donated mostly to the Red Cross.

yes this decision was a no brainer for us, its also personal for me, The founder of the foundation is a very dear friend of mine. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.


Dec 29, 2005
I try and give most of my non-church donations to charities that work to relieve religious persecution (I mean people in Burma and Sudan who are literally tortured and crucified, not the American right-wing's definition of "religious persecution") - Voice of the Martyrs is one.


Feb 24, 2006
I like to help out the Child Crisis Center and Candlelighters here in my city. The first organization are kids newborns to 12 years old who come from violent homes, abused physically and/or sexually. They are there before court rules. It's temporary but every week they welcome kids. Their needs are food, toys, clothes, household items, and your company to help care for them, read to them, or play games. The second is more of a financial help for kids up until 18 who are going through cancer and need treatments that insurance or the gov. doesn't help out with. Also every thanksgiving I make it a mission to deliver food baskets to people of low incomes so they can have a good dinner with their loved ones.


Bum Chum
Jan 27, 2006
We give to Oxfam, Unicef, The Down Syndrome Association and the dutch guy at the supermarket who's selling some paper (which I never buy as I can't read/speak dutch). Those are the regular ones, but when we see people out shaking tins (like the Salvos at Xmas) we also put money in there.