What causes do you support?

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  1. I used to give to American Cancer and to Planned Parenthood but in recent years have given to agents that work to protect/preserve the environment: The Nature Conservancy, Genesee Land Trust. My priorities have changed.

    What about you?
  2. I give a littel bit to every one
  3. I give to the American Veterans Association which has recently changed their name to United Spinal Association.
  4. Wow, that's very generous of you considering just how many there are!
  5. Heart and Stroke, Breast Cancer and The Stars Home Lottery that runs in my province.

    Yesterday I gave to the Alberta Children's Miracle Network.
  6. When I was a kid my mom used to make me send part of my allowence to an organization of my choice, and I always chose the World Wildlife Fund. I guess it stuck with me because I still give to WWF!

    Also donate time and money to local organizations in my parents' home town: museum, etc.
  7. Doctors Without Borders, local causes.
  8. aww that's so cute! haha...i just remembered that i used to donate to them when i was younger too...i think it was to save the whooping crane!

    while i worked as an optician we used to collect old glasses (frames and lenses) to give to operation eyesite...which is a wonderful cause as well!
  9. Our donations for 2005 went to:

    Hurricane Katrina (American Red Cross)
    SPCA (national)
    local humane society
    Habitat for Humanity

    Not sure which charities I will donate to for 2006. I should start thinking about it.
  10. My schools, Salvation Army, and programs that promote self-reliance and independence through lifeskills training.

    In addition, I am also involved with an organization that helps find permanent housing for homeless families. I learned about it through my Junior League participation.
  11. i'm sucker for anything that has to do with animals..humane society, peta, anything that has to do with kids....food centers for the poor. but most of my charity goes to india where i have a slum school in bombay i help fund and seventy street kids i help feed each week. we are helping build new school for them now...sometimes when im buying a bag i think of how many homeless kids it will feed and help - that doesn't seem to stop me....
  12. My ex-boyfriend went to Stanford and while there he got together a little organization that would spend a few hours every night teaching the Mexican cleaning staff to read and speak English. I thought that was the best little grassroots organization I ever heard of.
  13. Medecins sans frontieres!
  14. My Church comes first then we usually have a "pet" project for a year or so. Lately it's historic homes such as Monticello.
  15. My church and organizations that deal with homelessness, hunger and poverty issues.