What Caught Your Attention Today??

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  1. Some guy hanging out the window talking to a girl on the street yelling 'hey you wanna hang out with me sometime...you're really beautiful.' I thought 'wow, that's pretty ballsy of him. The girl was like 'whatever'...but she was really pretty.
  2. at supertarget reading the ben and jerrry ice cream labels - never really knew what all those flavors had as main ingredients
  3. Ambulance at neighbor's house
  4. Unfortunately it was a Bakery down the street from the Elementary School where I work. Two creme puffs later...
  5. the sunset

  6. An altercation between two guys, one punched the other. Called the cops after that.
  7. Beautiful:love:
  8. ^thank you! it was incredible in person...couldn't quite capture it with my camera.
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    I'm sure she is, otherwise that guy will not hang out the window to talk to her LOL

    Wow frick, what an awesome photo. A couple of weeks ago, it was early in the morning, I woke up due to the strange color of our curtains. It was red-orange reflected from outside that I hurriedly got out of bed:nuts: I thought there was a fire but it was the sun shining and the same color as this one LOL

    Hmmm, I just hope there's no serious injuries for them.
  10. This waiting for me when I came home tonight. Was brought by one of my co-worker, how sweet [​IMG]

  11. ^thanks! as pretty as it looks in the picture, the bright part was actually flame orange...it was amazing!

    ^that is so sweet! enjoy!
  12. the cold, grey and cloudy weather today! It was wonderful...so cozy....
  13. The dog poo I almost stepped in during my walk.
  14. A big spider in my hallway when I woke this morning! Scary! He is now is Spider Heaven.
  15. The good food at brunch
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