What Caught Your Attention Today??

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  1. amazing! :wtf:

  2. An ambulance flying by my house. I hope everyone's okay.
  3. The tip of my nose, it was the only sweaty part of my face, and it got my attention. I never noticed before that the tip of my nose sweats first, weird...
  4. ...that the post office was closed! I forgot it was Columbus Day!
  5. I was working on the computer at the front desk when a lady came in, asked me if I was interested in hosting a purse party, and when I said no, left without a word.
  6. :wtf:

    now that's a great idea! :tup:
  7. wow. i would love to see pics of this pug. since i have one myself, but i know he ain't no prize winning pug, but he's mine! :love:
  8. A couple arguing very loudly in Schnucks parking lot
  9. The shocking look on the PTO president's face when I told her my donation she handed me the pen real fast.
  10. My parrot giving me a wolf whistle as I walked past him this morning :biggrin:
  11. wrong thread.
  12. .
  13. The snow on the ground outside when I woke up. Not a pretty sight.
  14. ^Too cute!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.