What Caught Your Attention Today??

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  1. BFF3's DH being hilarious
  2. the bruise on my knee....slipped out of my shoe yesterday and took a knee into a door frame. It didn't seem like much at the time but I woke this morning to a large bruise.
  3. More nice weather..
  4. gf finally buy herself a good bag
  5. How horrible I feel.
  6. Police agent hiding behind a tree:lol: He's trying to catch someone lol Luckily, it's not me:p
  7. so many blessings!
  8. How ugly it was outside.
  9. Overcast skies.
  10. Liza Minnelli on Paula Deen :wtf:
  11. My dog, he did something that was so funny, I laughed til I had tears in my eyes.
  12. nice reply from a potential client
  13. a lovely gift :heart:
  14. Noise, so much bloody noise.
  15. things passed smoothly today
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.