What Caught Your Attention Today??

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  1. I went outside and was ready to get in the car when something caught my attention. I saw 2 naked snails (gross), they were mating. I observed them for a while, they were not moving, just lying there with a white substance that looks like a soapsud between them. I know that snails mate for hours and hours LOL. After 2 hrs. I came back and I saw just one eating a hibiscus leaf, quiet hungry I guess. Well, if they did it for hours......who will never get hungry?

    I managed to take a shot of the loving pair....


    I know that this picture may make you :throwup:, but yeah, they caught my attention today!

    Did someone, something, anything caught your attention today? Pls. share!!
  2. this caught my attention the other day :P :roflmfao:

  3. ^:lolots:
  4. ^^:lol:
  5. LOL R&R at least they have a good sex life!!!

    F&F lol!!!

  6. lololol!
  7. i'm realizing how when i leave the patio doors open how many flies are in my house and it's driving me insane!!!! :censor:
  8. Too funny, Love it!!
  9. During my race today, a blind runner caught my eye . . . he had a pipe/rod in each hand that his running partner was using to guide him through the course. It was such an inspiring sight . . . and he was kicking butt too!
  10. This thread should prove to be pretty entertaining!!!! I walked out our front door this morning and saw that our beautiful 6' hibiscus plant had a bunch of webs and cocoons on it! Like a whole lot!!! So I had to spray with Sevin. Hope it works. But it definitely caught my attention today.
  11. I noticed all the pecans that had dropped from the tree in my backyard are gone. I am allergic to nuts and intend to have it chopped down eventually but still, who is coming inside my fenced yard and gathering nuts? I am hopeful for a large family of squirrels instead of pesty neighbors.
    I am all for ridding the biohazard but would rather be asked first!
  12. One of my brothers sent this to me today...worth a 7 minute break to check it out! Don't worry, it's totally family-friendly :biggrin:.

    (sorry, can't embed like YT):


  13. Lol love the just divorced photo

  14. [​IMG]

  15. a bevy of police officers and firemen walking into the baja fresh to eat lunch
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