What caught my eye: Celine All Soft

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  1. #1 Mar 28, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2014
    I was just about to post on tpf that for almost a year now, I have not had the urge to buy a bag because everything looks and feels the same. Everyone's carrying a Hermes, a Chanel, a Celine trapeze or luggage. Even the most expensive bags feel ubiquitous. The ysl tote looks like a Prada tote and everyone has a version of speedy or boston bag. I should say I'm not a shopper, I'm more an impulse buyer. I buy what catches my eye. And nothing has caught my eye since July 2013 when I bought a Longchamp leather bag on sale at either Saks or NM (can't remember). I can't even tell you the model cos that's how little I care about brands and models. But today I saw a Celine bag that really caught my eye. I didn't know the model and the SA told me it's an All Soft. Me likey!!! The fact that I haven't seen anyone carrying it around is a big plus too. It's around sgd3300. I don't know how that compares to the Celine It bags. I have given myself a 24 hour cooling period before deciding to buy. Ah but I can't sleep thinking about that bag! The only thing is it doesn't have inside pockets. I could just use a bag organizer.

    Anyone own an All Soft? How practical is it IRL? love, like hate?
  2. love the all soft.

  3. Do you have one and do you use it regularly?

  4. I do own now and like it for it's simplicity and clean lines. I like the fact that it's casual, easy to carry, light, and comes with a pouch. Cons, it's hard to get into. The flap is sometimes inconvenient to lift up especially when you're carrying on your shoulder. I recently got a blade, you might want to consider that as well. It's easier to get into, plus it has compartments and the best part is that the strap can be adjusted so you have the option to wear it cross body. I have to say though that Celine's quality leaves much to be desired. The thread/ stitching on the shoulder strap of the all soft, where it loops through the metal circles, seems to be coming undone. I hardly have anything heavy in the bag with the exception of my IPad air for a few days during a trip I took recently. And the bag is not even a year old. Very frustrating.
  5. I don't own one -- yet -- but have been trying to decide on a colorway. So many to choose from. The price is a bit daunting as well.
  6. I have an All Soft and I love it. The main drawback in my opinion is what jtan14 mentioned above - that it can be annoying to get stuff out of the bag quickly or easily. The way the handles thread through the flap at the top is not the most practical design in the world. That doesn't bother me too frequently though. I haven't had any problems yet with the stitching of my All Soft's handles, or any other quality issues, but it's also not my main bag so it only gets used a couple of times per week. Hopefully it stands the test of time (it better, for the price!).

    As for not having a pocket inside, the All Soft comes with a little fold-over pouch inside that buttons shut. I think that's supposed to be the alternative you can use in place of a permanently attached pocket inside the bag. I use the pouch for the smaller items I put in my bag or items I might need to find quickly, like my keys or phone. Does the job pretty well.
  7. I'm in LOVE with the All Soft (and the Blade!) I would definitely pounce on it - I'm trying to decide what color/materials I'm going to get!
  8. Wow thanks for the replies! I didn't get any notifications about replies to this topic so I didn't check til today. I got it!

    I use a bag organizer when I carry deep totes so the lack of pockets doesn't bother me. It's not as easy to access stuff as it is with my all-time fave Balenciaga city bags but it's not that much more of a hassle.