What Carly to get?

  1. I cant decide between these three Large Carlys what color combo do you like the best?

    lol I so bad I just got my heritage and I already want another lol.





  2. I'd go with the Khaki/Chocolate.
  3. I'm partial to ANYTHING in chocolate, so I vote for EITHER chocolate or khaki/chocolate!!!! Good luck in choosing!!!!!!
  4. CHOCOLATE!!! Its awesome!!
  5. I like them all but in the large I really like the chocolate because it doesn't scream the c's as much.. they are all beautiful though! :tup:
  6. Chocolate!
  7. I like the khaki/chocolate combo the best!
  8. Khaki/Bronze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool: That is a HOTTTTTT bag!!!!! Let us know what you choose!!!!
  9. Chocolate or khaki/chocolate.
  10. THE KHAKI/BRONZE is the newest color to the Carly isn't it??
  11. YES!!! Khaki/Bronze and Khaki/Chocolate are the two newest ones!!!!
  12. Chocolate Sig!! It's more subtle but still beautiful!
  13. here we go I cant decide again lol
  14. what wallet ideas would you guys put with the khaki/bronze or khaki/chocolate
  15. Chocolate!!

    I just lovee the chocolate! I'd be afraid of getting the khaki dirty. :sad: