What cards with a Gucci bag?

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  1. I'm trying to practice my authentication skills her.. I currently have 5 Gucci bags... They have all been purchased at Gucci or at Sak's. They've all come with a controllato card. My first 4 came with just only that.. Is this right?

    My new Gucci Pelham that I got came with a little brown envelope and a Gucci Booklet.. But this recent purchase was the only time there was something else.. I looked at Aegiale's page and I think she is saying that there is no other card...The one in particular I'm talking about is that little square white folded card or booklet..I guess I just wanted to confirm that there is no white card/booklet...TIA
  2. My most recent purchase was from the s/s 06 cruise collection and the Bouvier I got also came with a small white cardboard "booklet" or "pamphlet" which I think (?) is similar to what you're talking about. At first I thought it was because it was an all leather bag as opposed to the canvas, but since your pelham is canvas, perhaps all the bags now come with this card?
  3. Hmmm..Ok.. I guess I'm reading AEGIALE's Ebay me page incorrectly.. I thought there was no such thing as a white card or booklet. Strange how I never had one in any of my bags. I guess I'll have to keep buying more! :smile:
  4. I heard that Gucci recently starting adding booklets with their bags. It's suppose to contain the history of Gucci, so I think it would be difficult to replicate.. at least for a little while!
  5. Hmmm strange...... I've always had the booklet with mine. Correct me if I'm wrong but are we talking about the same thing? It has 4 languages on it and when you open it up 3 are showing, from the left, Italian, center, French and right, Japanese. Then when you flip it the back reveals the English one, to the right of that a sort off serial in the center, and Gucci on the right, which is actually the front when folded.

    I even bought a blondie wallet that had the booklet.

    So for clarification, the english transaltion would be this:

    All Gucci leather products are made by expert craftsmen from carefully slected hides. Markings and irregularities may be apparent, even in the most luxurious skins.... etc...

    Is this what we are talking about:?:

    Also, maybe it only comes with the leather products? All of my Gucci are made with leather. But this also raises a question. If your Pelham is canvas, then is the translation above the same for your "booklet"?
  6. chanelchick - An example of the white card / booklet that I'm questioning is like the one shown in this auction on the bottom picture..eBay: GUCCI AUTHENTIC BRAND NEW SMALL BOSTON BAG RP$1,295 (item 160015799002 end time Aug-09-06 19:55:24 PDT) Because of what I've read on AEGIALE's me page, I thought this meant if I saw that white card, that's it's automatically fake.. Kinda like when you see a Black Gucci card, you know it's fake immediately because Gucci doesn't do that card.. Chanel does...Does that make sense?

    I've got all my Gucci bags at Gucci or Sak's and all they came with was a controllato card and nothing else except for my last purcahse which came with a brown envelope and a brown booklet.

    So like when people ask auth questions and I see that white card.. Should I be telling them that's fake or not...I know to tell them it's fake if I see a black card...
  7. YES that white card is the one I am talking about. I've always got that with my Guccis. However, the very good fakes also have that, and the only way you can tell if the white card (its really a booklet) is fake is when you open it. I'll take pics and post it for you.

    No the white card is not an automatic fake. The black one is an automatic fake. So you can tell that to ppl.

    Hmmm, I would like to see this brown envelope and brown booklet you are talking about. I guess Gucci is changing it up on us. ;)
    Please post pics.

    Is it brown or is it kinda gold. I read somehwere that Gucci is changing its packaging and introducing Gold everything I guess...

    I haven't bought nay new Guccis yet, waiting for the sales. But when I go to the Gucci boutique, I'll check inside their bags to see about this brown envelope, brown book thing...
    In the meantime, again Please post pics.... I'm so intrigued and curious.

  8. This is valuable information. I know nothing about Gucci but has been trying to learn some.
  9. The white card I got with my bouvier is as how chanelchick described. and my bag is for sure authentic as I bought it at Holt Renfrew which is Canadian equivalent of a Saks or Neiman Marcus. So it's not automatic fake if the card is white, however, I think any of these extra things that come with the bags that are paper are relatively easy to fake!

    So I would never use these things as a sign that the bag itself is authentic.. but the other way around where when you see something included that shouldn't be and use those as warning signs that something is fake, then those are great things to keep in mind if shopping online or on eBay!
  10. I will post pics as soon as I get home, later this evening
  11. Is the card we are talking about the one in four languages? If so I got this with my gucci and it is definately not a fake.

    Would be interested to know if that are changing them though :smile:
  12. ^^Yes here it is.

  13. chanelchick/jadecee/Rachel - Thanks for the clarification about the white card.. It's so weird that I've never gotten one but now I know that you all have then I know the presence of a white card doesn't mean fake right off the bat but this card can be faked..

    I will take a pic of the new card that I got.

    Do you girls think that I didn't get a white card ever because I got the canvas bags? Or is it just sheer coincidence that all 4 of my Gucci bags from Gucci/Saks didn't get the card...

    With my new bag I got 2 controllato cards.. Is that super lucky like when you get 2 fortunes in a fortune cookie? ;)
  14. Here are the pics:



  15. I've gotten that white booklet with my Guccis that I have purchased at Saks and the Gucci boutique.