What canvas Zippy Organiser I can't choose :(

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  1. I'm planning on getting a Zippy Organizer but I simply can't decide which canvas, monogram, azur, damier, vernis in pomme or amartane?
    I'm kind of leaning towards the Pomme vernis, because I have a red wallet atm, and I love red! I have a black multicolor courtney bag, so it'll look great with my bag. Or the azur, because it can be worn with everything, and I can use it as a clutch and more versatile?

    And some of the others, like mono, and damier, I didn't really like because the inside was brown, and it's not me.
    Some help please? :biggrin:

    with vernis pomme or azur zippy organiser?

  2. Vernis would look great with your Courtney :tup:
  3. Vernis in Pomme looks great
  4. pomme!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Definatley pomme!
  6. Vernis in pomme!
  7. My sister has the Zippy Organizer in Azur and I think it's really pretty but the only concern is that the zipper area may get dirty since it's not coated and a light colour. I think the Pomme would look gorgeous with your bag.
  8. Pomme! My SIL has the azur and while it's pretty I don't think it compares to pomme!
  9. pomme!!! it will be a stunner when you bring in out that already stunning bag
  10. ITA. Pomme is the way to go!
  11. thank you for all your kind comments! it just reassures I should get the vernis pomme zippy organiser! I currently have a red wallet as well, and I think the pomme would be great! thank you everyone!

    Another quick question, this is for my birthday that's why, what do you think about the eva clutch? cos i want a messenger bag I can wear everyday, because the courtney is very annoying as it's a tophandle, and altho you can attach the strap, it's a fairly large strap?
  12. I love my Damier Eva. I've used it as a clutch for a wedding, shoulder carry for formal events, and messenger style for going to the mall or where ever... it's a very versatile piece! A slight problem though, the Zippy Organizer won't fit in the Eva.
  13. I think the Vernis Pomme organizer is an excellent choice! I also think the Eva is a fabulous bag, and I really like the fact that it can be worn cross body, it's a gorgeous little bag! Both are great choices. Happy early Birthday! Be sure to do a reveal when you get your goodies!
  14. Vernis Pomme.