What CAN'T I buy in Dubai?

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  1. I'm about to be posted to Dubai for 6 months for a new job. (I'm thrilled!) This is a somewhat silly question, but are there any types of things or brands I should stock up on before I leave? I've posed the question to expat forums, but they tend not to know all that much about shopping as you all do :P

    I'm wondering about...

    • Lingerie
    • Any bag/luggage designers' prices higher there? Chanel, LV, Tumi, etc...
    • Designer suits/work-approp dresses
    • ???

    I know the city is "a mall" and probably everything's available, but I have a few days of tax-free shopping in Oregon so I may as well stock up if the prices will be higher over there. Love to hear from Dubai residents!
  2. I don't have first hand experience for you but if I were in your (exciting) shoes, I'd think about all the brands that I'm used to and then research whether it's available there. To be honest, I'd worry more about food choices more than lingerie, high end designer brands.
  3. Sorry, I can't seem to edit my own post- my SO lived there for a year. He told me that there are strict rules around alcohol, PDAs are not permitted in public, as well as some other bans. During Ramadan (not sure when you are headed there), he says a lot of restaurants and shops are closed from sunrise to sunset in observation of this religious holiday. The latter was the most important to him, as an ex-pat, as he had to stock up on food before Ramadan so that he could eat during the day.
  4. Stock up on your staple makeup items before you leave the States :smile: