What Canadian stores carry Bbags? rop

  1. my friend's friend wants to buy an authentic balenciaga bag in a store.she lives in Toronto... but her aunt also lives near Vancouver too.

    So what stores near Toronto or Vancouver sell them?
  2. Holt Renfrew ! The Yorkdale location as well as Bloor Street both have them - I'm not sure about the Sherway Gardens one though.
  3. Ayla- is it just me, or were the prices at Holt Renfrew higher than in the States? I went to the one at Yorkdale and although I cannot remember the exact price, I remember that it was much higher (even with the exchange rate) than in the States. Would it be cheaper to order from Bal NY or even NM?
  4. Yes ! I remember someone commenting that purchasing from the US (Bal NY, Aloha Rag) and then paying shipping and customs worked out to being still cheaper than the Canadian retail prices. In Ontario, we don't just have marked up b-bag prices, we've also got 14% retail taxes with no tax free days !!
  5. That is what I remembered. I would just order from BalNY or Aloha Rag then. Save money to put towards another bag!
  6. Thank you. I will let her know!
  7. I just ordered a City from Aloha Rag, and spent a LOT less than if I had purchased the bag from Holt's. Aloha Rag had really great service, and the bag arrived in a few days!!!
  8. ^^I agree, but Holt's in Vancouver does carry them now if your friend wants to look at them in person. So does Richard Kidd in Gastown.
  9. Richard Kidd actually had a lot of nice older bags too.