What can you use to clean a Glazed Expresso?

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  1. I am not really sure what to use on my glazed expresso to try and get out some of the scratches that it came with. i don't want to ruin the glaze on it!
  2. missyb, do you have the Matinee? I ask this because I have one in glazed espresso and it's very hardy leather. I've used Coach cleaner and moisturizer on it, and nothing's changed -- the glaze stays :biggrin:
  3. yes-i have the matinee in glazed expresso-i will try the coach
  4. i just used the coach most. on it and it looks great:tup
    do you like this bag? how is it holding up? i ask bc i just got one and also bought a tangerine mam though i like the matinee style better so i am thinking of returning the tangerine though i thought that was a better summer color-i just don't know what to do!
  5. missyb, glad to hear that! I LOVE my Matinee and can't say enough good things about it. The only drawback is it's heavier than the MA, but I use the Matinee everyday -- EVERYDAY. Love its pockets and it's just so sturdily built and useful. For the leather -- it's going to soften up a bit over time and use, but it holds up extremely well. One time we were having dinner out and the server accidentally spilled a tray of 4 glasses (water, thank goodness) over half the bag and my brother, the water slid right off the leather and got a bit of the suede wet (which then dried clean an hour or so afterwards). :smile: I LOVE it and hope you grow to love yours too!
  6. :tup:I highly recommend antibacterial baby wipes. They are gentle enough to use on the entire body of your bag, get rid of germs (that regular cleaner and conditioner can't) and gives the leather just a bit of moisturizing!
  7. Hi Gung,
    Are antibacterial baby wipes any different from regular antibacterial wipes, like from Lysol or Clorox?

  8. OMO! YES, they are different!!!! Do not use Lysol or Clorox in any form on your bag!!!!!!!!

    You can find baby wipes in the diaper section of any drug store. You can get them in a plastic box or bottle. They gently clean while sanitizing and work great on leather.

  9. ^^ What a great idea..I would never have thought of it! Yet it makes perfect sense:smile: I'm going to pick up some wipes tomorrow..thanks Gung!

  10. They have those little travel packages too, so you can bring them around with you and take care of any damage/scratches while you're on the road!!
  11. great idea, thanks!! I never thought of taking some with me when I travel.