What can you tell me about this scarf?

  1. Someone with exceptionally good taste gifted me this scarf and I was :yahoo: . I've been into cream and rose colourways lately, so this scarf suits me to a T! :love: Other than knowing that this is a Hermes classic design, I know nothing else about this scarf. I would like to know its name and also the description of this scarf please. :heart:
    Horses Scarf.jpg
  2. I think it's called Les Mustangs designed by Robert Dallet originally issued in 1993 and has been re-issued. I love this one...
  3. Just spotted this on hermes.com & thought it was lovely! Congratulations! What a wonderful gift! I hope you will model it for us, MrsS! :smile:
  4. hN, sure! It's the first day of the lunar new year .... I shall wear it to visit my mother. I'll come back here with some photos later ....
  5. Lovely!!!
  6. Les Mustangs!!! oh my gosh I love this one so much! I keep looking at it in red every time I go to H and :drool: . Love the cream colorway...it's gorgeous!!!
  7. oooh pretty, I favor scarves with horses on them, thats all I own I think. what a special gift you received! I got outbid on one on eBay a while back....darnit.
  8. MrsS, I love this scarf! I like it best in that colourway you got too. Your friend is such a dear!
  9. It's been reissued this year. There is a famous orange version of this scarf which was issued for the opening of the Dallas boutique.
  10. Here's a blurry picture of me wearing my new scarf :love:

    I love it so so so much <------------------:heart: ------------------------> That's out outstretched arms :p
    Les Mustangs in action.jpg
  11. Aaaahhhh, nice!

    I love that knot! I must remember to use it more often!
  12. What IS that knot??? It looks so good!!
  13. FRH, I'll find it for you. Just not tonight.
  14. hello, have I done the knot correctly? Please be critical here, and let me know if I can do it better, like tighten the knot, or twist the ends in a certain direction????? (sorry, newbie asking questions)
  15. Ummm.... looks good to me! Very good indeed!

    I'll dig out another variation that is also nice.