What can you tell me about the Kelly Sport?

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  2. That is a gorgeous bag and would be easy to carry!
  3. Looks nice...but a little strange without the flap...
  4. Wow- the basic shape is the same as I had but mine had the strap (much thinner) attached - it was definitely big enough IMO and I liked the top open! I'm short and the strap was too long was the problem for me at the time...never thought of wearing it like that (of course we're talking 10 yrs ago too!)
  5. if it was a bit wider i'd go for it! and maybe in softer taurillon leather.
  6. Valley.....Just saw one on Luxury-Zurich that's in Rouge VIF, Veau Graine Lisse leather for about $2,200.00 I think. It's a really pretty bag! The red just pops.....
  7. Quite luxurious...if you can carry it off then it will be stunning.

    (did I make sense on that one?)
  8. It's a kelly sport GM
    My mother has a yellow ostrich smaller model and it's really casual to wear
  9. ^^^ This is a new design by Hermes????:confused1:
  10. I Don't Think It's New ~ Is It? I Believe Shoes Said She Bought One 10 Years Ago.........:confused1:

    New Or Not New ~ I Think It Is Gorgeous!!!!!! ;)

    I Wonder If You Have Trouble Walking With It??????
  11. Hmm.. pls don't throw old cabbage and rotten eggs at me.. but I'm not feeling this design.
  12. ^:confused1:

    ETA: Sorry Sue....It's So Late For Me....I Had To Read That Twice!!!!
    I'm Just Under 5'1".....I Can See Trying To Walk With It ~ & Just Banging My Knees....LOL.....:lol:
  13. ^^ No worries..:smile:

    LOL! Now I can't seem to get that image out of my head.:lol:

    The reason this bag isn't quite my cup of tea (not saying it's horrid or anything, lol) is because I've always held the Kelly in very high regard as a classic, elegant, sophisticated purse. And to "sport" it up by making it messanger style.. well, it's just hard to wrap my head around.
  14. I Agree.....The Kelly Is The Utmost Elegance .......Another Name Might Have Been More Appropiate;)