what can you say about this bag?

  1. my MIL gave me this for christmas, brand says michaela italy but never heard of it tho, the handles and the trims are made of real leather and smelled good when i opened it lol!!
    new bag.jpg
  2. opinions will be greatly appreciated!! thanks!!!
  3. I like it. It's really pretty and feminine. How big is it?
  4. ^^like the size of a speedy 25 i think, or a lilttle bit smaller, but roomy inside
  5. I think it's a lovely bag. What are your thoughts on it? I lov ethe flower print.
  6. i do like it, plus the fact it's not common and lightweight :heart::love: thanks so much for your inputs:love:
  7. I would have preferred a more plain design. But everybody's preference is difference.
  8. I think it's darling. Wish I had such a sweet MIL!!
  9. Its cute. The flowers can be worn by a woman. These sorts of patterns are usually age targeted (read-- for little girls), this one seems very appropriate.
  10. I think it's cute!
  11. It's lovely. And that's really nice of your MIL! It's always great to have another bag to carry :tup:
  12. it's not a handbag i'd buy, but to each their own i guess :smile:

  13. Where did you get it? My daughter's name is Michaela - I would love to get her a bag named after her!
  14. That is a very cute bag!
  15. I like it a lot! I don't usually go for a print but this one is lovely and I'd use it in a heartbeat! Lucky you!