What Can You Put In the First ?

  1. Hi guys :rolleyes: what can you put in the first balenciaga? im waiting for the fall06 collection to buy my first bbag and i wonder if it can carry enough like reg size wallet, 2 cellphones, notepad, small makeup kit, eyewear, tissue, ballpen ? i'm looking at the pictures of giselle carrying the first and it looks so nice :heart:
    giselle3 copy.jpg
  2. I put my crackberry, wallet, sunglasses (with case), compact and a couple of different lipsticks in my first....with plenty of room to spare.
  3. BTW...I love my first!!!!
  4. I also love the First size--especially because I think it works for both day and evening.

    I carry my wallet, phone, makeup case (MAC makes a long narrow shaped one that fits perfectly in the bottom of the First bags!) keys, and sunglasses case.

    If you are used to carrying large bags, the First can seem small, but if you don't need to carry a lot of stuff, it's such a cute, practical bag!
  5. Oh yeah, it's pretty decieving when you only see it in photos.
    Two weeks ago I had my wallet, phone, sunglasses case and Nylon and Harper's Bazaar magazines wrapped up in there!!
    2 magazines! Mind you they were curled...still, I was shocked!
  6. thanks guys i just ordered my first bbag an origan in first :smile: im not so sure with the color but that's the only color left in shirise yesterday when i called up... i hope i will love the origan as i havent seen one irl...

    thats amazing winona77, i thought its too small too from the pictures ive seen but im glad you were able to put all those stuff in : )
  7. I use a medium purseket in mine, which keeps my essentials (collapsible brush, iPod, ID case) along the perimeter of the bag. In the center space I can fit my wallet, makeup bag, letter-size envelopes, etc. My cell phone fits in the front pocket or a purseket pocket.
  8. thanks etenebris i have a purseket il use one on mine too : )
  9. in mine i can fit:

    long wallet
    rosebud salve
    sunglass case
    ipod nano
    little bottle of water (those mini ones)
    travel size hand lotion from bath and body works
  10. wow thats quite a lot :smile: cant wait to get my first
  11. Wow ... I can get my Compagnon in there, my keys, a pen, lip gloss, pill case and that's about it! Then again ... maybe if I cleaned out my wallet ... :huh:
  12. wow, maybe my next b-bag should be a "first" :wondering...can anyone tell me what the size difference is between that & a "le dix motocycle bag""???

    p.s. i have an original black le dix from a while back
  13. Could anyone post a "what's in your bag" picture of the inside of the first + their stuff? I'm curious... :smile:

  14. I was thinking that too! "Bag guts" photos are always fun!
  15. i can fit a lot actually.... here's a pic.