What can you not leave home without?

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  1. Me i cant leave home without these things everyday.

    :yes: :heart: :P
    My son most times other than work and school

    MAC lipglass


    my purse

    Chapstick lipchap

    cell phone

    and keys
  2. My Bag that contains:
    Wet Wipes
    Cell phone
    CC or $$
    Hand lotion
    Evian Moisturizer
    Lip Balm

  3. Of course my purse, but I need to make sure that I have substantial reading material in there. (It's a long subway ride.)

    If I'm close to finishing the book I'm reading, I'll bring another one just in case.
  4. Cigarettes :shame:
  5. Car keys - can't leave the driveway without them :P
  6. My keys, money and phone.
  7. Handbag, planner, wedding ring and watch.
  8. my wallet, compact, lip gloss, cell phone and keys.
  9. Things I cant leave without:

    My purse
    cell phone
    makeup bag
    digital camera
  10. wallet
    cell phones
    compact powder
  11. Lip gloss, wallet, tissues.
  12. Keys, money, cell phone.
  13. purse and water
  14. Keys, train ticket and cellphone. Everything else I can somehow live without.
  15. My mobile and $$$