What can you fit into the Hobo/Day?

  1. To all Hobo/Day bag owners,

    I'm thinking of getting one (in Oxblood... or Blueberry) as a "for school" bag. I was contemplating a City or a Work, but I particularly like the shape of the Hobo/Day (plus it's not widely counterfeited). I have a few questions:

    1. How much stuff can you fit into it, and how many A4-sized books do you think I can fit into it? How about a 13" laptop?
    2. Does the single strap place a lot of stress onto your shoulder if you carry a bunch of stuff in the bag?
    3. Does the bag start "slouching" more in the middle with use?
    Any answers/ advice would be greatly appreciated!

  2. welp, i've heard it gets more slouchy with use, just like all b-bags & i'm sure you could stuff a bunch of books in it :yes:...but if you need a bag for your laptop, i'd get the work or the city instead ;)
  3. I agree ^^^
    I used my ink city for my 12 inch laptop and it was perfect. It fit my folders, random notebooks and still looked pretty decent. Only thing is, it would get really stuffed and was uncomfortable sometimes to carry.. but this really depends on how much you put in there. (hehe around final times, I thought my shoulder was going to die!)

    The hobo sounds like a great bag but I don't know if it's ideal for school. I'd much rather use it for shopping to hide my purchases! hehe
  4. my hobo fits my 12in powerbook no prob as well as several notebooks, pencil case, misc. electronics, sunglass case and makeup case. without being too bulky at all! its a great going to school bag! not textbooks though... its not a bookbag, it isnt strong enough to hold textbooks, but notebooks are fine!
  5. I wouldn't use the hobo, nor a city for school.. unless you have a habit of carrying your textbooks in your arm. I think what you need is a work, courier, or shopping. I wouldn't place a textbook inside my hobo... it just wouldn't be comfy to carry anymore..

    The hobo fits wonders, but smaller things in larger quantities. Like a bottle of water, a sweater, makeup kit, cell phone, wallet, camera, etc etc.. but not large things like a A4 textbook, nor your pet cat.

    I'll leave it to the recent hobo owners to give opinions about the slouchy factor. Mine slouches beautifully, but it's in sky blue with smooshy leather.
  6. Thanks everyone!

    Another question: How does the Hobo fit over your shoulder in the winter when you're wearing a coat or puffy jacket??
  7. it fits great over a big coat. There is lots of room between the handle and the bag
  8. It doesn't have a single strap, does it? Are you thinking of the Courier?
  9. You should get the Courier or the X Courier. The Courier itself holds TONS and if that is not big enough there is a bigger size. When I purchased mine it was only $100 more than the day so its more bang for your buck.
  10. i have the hobo is last summer's brown; it is fantastic if you need to carry a bunch of stuff.

    i remember the first week of buying it, i went to a function in NYC (i work in the city but live in the burbs so i have to carry a lot with me if i have somewhere to go at night in the city). i carried a change of shoes, a light jacket, plus all my essentials (wallet, phone, keys, mid-size makeup bag), and i tell you that the bag was still light as a feather. no problem with the one strap on the shoulder.

    I find the courier a bit too big, especially the strap being thick. and if you do need to go to a function at night, the day bag at least can look "dressier" with dresses/skirts than a courier.
  11. I think she meant the single handle.