what can you fit inside a baby paddington

  1. i normally have a wallet, sunglasses, keys, cellular phones (2). I wonder if those would fit in a baby paddington. Hope somebody can post pics. TIA!:yes:
  2. I'm not sure as I dont own a baby sized one but it looks like the sunglasses wouldn't fit there, especially if they are in their case..? I could imagine a small sized wallet and the cellular phones (if they're quite tiny ones) and the keys should fit and then it's propably full?:shrugs:
    For me the baby size would be great for going out at night when I dont need carry the sunglasses & much stuff, regular size paddington would be better for daytime :tender:
  3. Hi, I own a baby paddy.
    It can fit comfortably...
    car keys
    treo 650
    mini zippy
    small cosmetic case
    extra large Chanel scarf
    coin purse
    500 ml bottle of water
    Chanel sunglasses including case:yes: that's all folks!
    Hope this helps:flowers:
  4. Whoooaaaaa that's a lot of stuff!!
    Thanks for the clarification:flowers:
  5. OMG janice!! I did not think a baby paddy could hold that much!! :amazed: Good to know. :smile:
  6. Hey Audrey, love the new Avatar!! :supacool:

    In my baby loaf I can fit a large continental sized wallet, a coin purse, my lipstick case, a tiny thing of tissues, a mini flashlight, my cell phone, a small bottle of water, and two pairs of glasses with their hard cases. :nuts:
  7. ^ Aww Thank you hmwe!!! :shame: My SO suggested I use that pic of me to make an avatar... I wanted to make one of the Sharks LOL!!! :roflmfao:

    But I am really shocked the baby paddy and mini-loaf can hold that much!!
  8. Audrey I'm loving the new avatar too! :yes: I couldn't either imagine baby paddys can hold that much, it's amazing..!!
  9. My big paddy can hold a pair of flip flops, a little hoodie jacket AND all of the above!! LOL! :graucho::wlae:
  10. audrey: I :heart: your new avatar too!! You are beautiful!!
    hmwe46: LOLOLOLOL:roflmfao: Flip Flops!!! I was hysterical when I read that!!!!!
  11. It's good to hear that the baby paddy can hold so much. Here's my dilemma. Which do i get, the baby or the medium? I am 5'4 110lbs. Thanks!
  12. Awww! Thank you Sonja and BB!! :blush::heart:

    Hmwe that's so cute! In the fall/winter like to carry my charcoal cardigan (it's really light and takes up almost no space in my bag!) :yes:

    bettiney I am partial to the medium. It's a great size, not too big or small! My bag is never stuffed so when I go shopping I can drop small items in it! I'm sure the items you posted would fit in the baby... I think both of them would look great on you! Do you typically like bigger bags or do you prefer them small? Do you have a store near you that sells Chloe? This way you can try both on and see which you like best.
  13. Hi audrey! Unfortunately there isn't a chloe store around here. I just have to go by the helpful advice of the girls here in TPF. I have a balenciaga city and classique. I love the look of the classique but use the city more because it's roomier. I can't even fit in my sunglasses with case in the classique. I just don't know which to choose.