What can you fit in your pouchette?

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  1. Ho Ladies,

    I'm off shopping at the weekend and just wondering is it worth getting the pouchette. I want a bag for going out on the town with so need to put keys phone purse in.

    Is this the bag for me or is it too small? Any pics? :drool:

    Also do I go for original monogram canvas or Azur?:shrugs:
    Thanks so much!
  2. I don't have any pics on this computer but am betting there are tons in the pochette club. It would fit a phone, keys and a small wallet fine. (I'm assuming you're considering the regular pochette not the mini (which would still fit a few items but maybe not enough for going out).
    I love the worry free aspect of the Damier if you want to use it for shopping. That way if you're carrying a drink or eating at a food court you don't have to be quite as paranoid with it.
  3. Sorry no pics but I usually have my wallet, cles, mobile phone, keys, mirror, lip gloss & iPod inside my pochette.
  4. I think the pochette's a great investment for anyone...:yes:

    Here's what I carry in my pochette on a daily basis:

    -Mac Blot Powder
    -Chanel (compact)
    -Chanel lipbalm
    -Ibuprofen tablets
    -Framboise Ludlow
    -Framboise Key Holder
    -A mini bottle of Sure deodorant
    and my phone


    HTH :flowers:
  5. thanks for posting that,

  6. Thank you so much ladies, i'm dead impressed, they don't look nearly as roomy as they are. I might have to find myself a nice small wallet to go inside it now :graucho:
  7. I like it in mono.
  8. Be careful how much you put in there, because the Pouchette was never meant to be carried around by that little strap.

    Personally, mine is used as a makeup bag and it holds a *ton*. I love it!
  9. What was it meant for ?
  10. I have a mono pochette,and i love it and its perfect for going out.I prefer a mono pochette....it goes with everything.
  11. i have azur, mono and multicolor in white

    i personally think that you should go for the white multicolor :smile: or the azur
  12. i think she meant it was meant to be used inside of bags..not really as a purse? thats what i think she meant!
  13. ^^ok
  14. me too having same prob here.not sure to choose azur or mono one.

    after seeing your pics,im impressed she does fit lot of things:o

    or should i get the navona or recital?:push: