what can you fit in your Gaucho? Pics please!

  1. I'm wondering how much holds a medium/large Gaucho .
    Gaucho owners, pls. help! I like this bag a lot, but I'd need it as an everyday bag, so I don't want something that holds very little.
    Pics are welcome!
  2. My gaucho can hold quite a bit. My oversized wallet, my prada sunnies in thier case, cell phone, keys, and plenty of room for more things. Lotion, lip balm, keys etc.
    Hope this helps
  3. I have the gaucho tote and it's a bit too big for me. I'm a light traveler though just have my wallet, phone, keys, and lip balm. Occasionally I'll throw in my sunglass case.
  4. thanks for your replies! anyone else? I'd still like to see pics
  5. carried my medium gaucho yesterday and i forgot to take pictures! d'oh! but off the top of my head, it could fit a slim paperback book, my long lady dior wallet, a beauty pouch, a small comb, my razr cellphone, keys, and still with lots of room to spare for other things. i'll take a picture of it on wednesday when i'll be carrying it again for the dior sale.

    the gaucho really does fit a lot of things though i wouldn't necessarily want to weigh it down so much. as a comparison, it definitely fits much much more than a medium/large chanel classic flap.
  6. thanks Zerodross, I'll wait for your pics! I'm considering buying it (well...maybe my Santa:angel:) but since I've never got the chance to give a close look to a Gaucho I'd like to hear your opinions too.
    I def. need a bag that I can carry everyday and that can hold quite a lot, but that remains lightweight. I've bought a Mulberry Bayswater 2 months ago but it's tooo heavy to carry it for everyday use
  7. Hey there, anyone knows how small is the "petite" small Gaucho? Which is a better choice... the petite Gaucho, the Gaucho Denim Saddle, the small Guacho or the double saddle messenger? I know it is alot and appreciate any recommendation for a medium size - everday use. Thanks!
  8. i harrassed zerodross to take pics of her medium gaucho with stuff inside, ultimatechic maybe you could do the same with mini? i will post pics of the tote...thx gals!
  9. yes please I'm interested in the same model as you have ("shopping tote" in Dior's Italian site), the one with shorter handles
  10. ok i will take the pics later ( battery charging ) but i will tell u straight away that since the bag doesnt have a zipper but just a magnetic button in the middle, i dont really feel safe carrying much in it because its extremely easy to open and take stuff out , i will usually just have the wallet, mobile, keys, a small make up pouch..also it`s not a regular bag inside, its divided into two same size compartments, which limits the size of items put it as it bulks out weirdly on one side if u put too much into just one compartment...that said i have never gotten more use out of any other bag, i love it and use it almost every day ..you could say i love it despite the "limited" space lol
  11. Doesn't it have a zipper pull? Maybe I got confused, I thought you have this model
    that has zipper. anyway pls post pictures!
  12. no i have this one .... but i have seen the one you think about in a Dior boutique and if i didnt already have two totes i would have bought it!:yes: its lovely and roomy and very comfy ! i would definitely get this over a shoulder medium gaucho.
  13. thanks Nat for the picture! I think that I'll go for the zippered Gaucho if I ever get one...I too don't feel at ease carying a purse that's almost open, plus I've experienced many times that a zippered bag is better when you're driving:p( too many times my things came out of my purse...)
  14. I bought my tote before they had the zipper one. I always said "Why didn't they make this with a zipper?" :smile: I wish I had the zipper over the clasp for the same reason. I've never had anything fall out of it in the car, but it's a piece of mind that nothing is coming out.
  15. i honestly think you would love the white tote that is on your pic...:yes: