What can you fit in your Evelyne 2PM?


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Feb 25, 2006
Hi all!
Still contemplating on the purchase of an evelyne 2PM. I have an 18 month son who is all over the place. I no longer need to carry a huge diaper bag but still need enough room to carry the essentials. Not sure if a 2PM is big enough.
What do you all think? :confused1:


Shallow & Obsessed
Feb 5, 2007
I fit a large dogon, an LV tulum pochette, keys, blackberry, and have some room to spare. I would think that you could carry some wipes and a folded diaper plus your essentials.

There is a GM size, but I am not sure if it comes with the outside pocket or not....
Feb 18, 2008
Itucci, I have a 2.5 year old and can fit a kelly long wallet, hairbrush, cosmetic case, keys, cell, blackberry, palm pilot, DS sippy cup, mini box with two crayons and small notepad, 1 hot wheels car, 1 thomas the train character, small baby wipes box and 2 diapers...all very easily. The outside pocket has my secret weapon...dum dum lollipops. These are a LAST RESORT!!!

Keep in mind, the cosmetic case and hairbrush are minis...of everything. Wish I could actually give up my palm pilot...just too hard to do that when I change cell phones every 2 years and blackberry is work related.

Great bag...perfect for a mommy!!