What can you fit in your epi pochette?

  1. I did a search to see if the epi pochette fits less than a damier pochette and I could not find an answer.

    I am trying to decide between the two but I am a little worried that the epi won't fit as much stuff. :confused1:

    What are your thoughts?
  2. I have this in red. I normaly have a few credit cards, my cellie,keys and a lip gloss in it. :yes:
  3. epi is a little bit smaller than the regular pochette.
    i have both black epi and mono pochette, the regular pochette will comfortably fit a wallet whereas the epi, you'd have to use a cles.
  4. i also have both mono and epi pochette. can't fit a lot into the epi. maybe the ludlow wallet and definitely cles but probably not a normal wallet. i can usually fit my credit cards, cell phone and a lipstick but if you have bulky keys it probably won't all fit in there. i think the epi pochette looks really nice but i feel it's more for a night out than everyday use. both are great though. good luck with your decision!
  5. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback :smile: