what can you fit in your chloe clutch?

  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for a clutch I take when I go out clubbing. I would like to fit my Motorola Q cell phone (think slim blackberry if you aren't familiar with it), little comb, lip gloss, some money, cards, keys.

    would these items fit in the chloe clutch?

  2. I would say so, that's pretty much exactly what I take when I use mine ;)
  3. I'm having such a hard time between deciding between the chloe clutch or the LV wapity!

    Does anyone have both? I could only use it for going out at night. Which is more practical?
  4. Not a fan of LV (apart from the vernis) so I can't help you there!
  5. I was at LV looking at the wapity. I would not use that bag for going out at night. It is more of a camera bag or cosmetic case than a fun bag. The chloe clutch is much more chic and fun for going out at night. I find the chloe clutch with the small padlock much more pleasing than LV wapity.
  6. I have a chloe clutch in cream. Its perfect for day or night.
  7. Just to check - you are talking about the Paddington clutch, aren't you?

    As Chloe produce (and have produced) lots of different clutches. :yes:
  8. Yes I am and thanks so much for your replies. Hmwe46's photo was so helpful. Thanks! I'm going to go for it I think:yahoo:
  9. It is an adorable little bag :yes: Very functional for nightclubing :party:
  10. bump. anymore pics?
  11. i have no pics - but i use this everyday as my wallet. I can fit my cards, coins, cash, mobile, and small key set. Im not into bulky keyrings. I can make it sit on my shoulder for evening by disconnecting the spring catch (parrot like clasp thingy) from the bag and hooking it to the piece of leather holding the key. Makes it nice & long. As is its very tight on the shoulder. Might by ok for skinny minis as is. Its great cos it fits my samsung phone. And lippy if needed !