What can you fit in your 30cm?

  1. Hello Ladies! I'd like to know...how much can you carry in your 30cm Birkin? I've been trying to decide b/w a 30 or 35? I'm 5'2", size 2-4 and I don't always wear heels. I have lots of heels, but now that I am going through my first pregnancy, I have become very comfortable wearing flats. Through the pictures I've observed in the "H in Action" thread, I am leaning more towards the 30cm.

    I would just like to know that I'll still be able to fit everything I want without overstuffing it. I typically carry:
    1. Check book sized wallet
    2. Medium makeup pouch
    3. Agenda (will eventually upgrade items 1-3 from LV to Hermes....love the rainbow of H colors)
    4. Phone
    5. some small misc. items
    6. sunglasses & LV case
    7. compact Burberry umbrella (you never know)

    I just think the 35cm will not be proportionate to my height. Pictures of what you carry in your 30cm would be great b/c I can get a better idea of the size. I recall coming accross some pics on TPF but I just can't seem to find them now.
  2. Purse-o-holic, you're about my height and weight. I can't carry Birkins any bigger than a 30cm. The contents of my Birkin include:
    1. Wallet
    2. Diary/agenda
    3. Cellphone
    4. Keys
    5. Toiletry pouch (mints, Body shop paper blotter, lip gloss, lip balm, nail filer, card sized Swiss Army knife set, small sewing kit)
    6. Baby stuff (nappy, baby wipe, plastic bag, baby snacks, water bottle)

    Here's an old photo:

  3. 30cm for me too......5'3" and 110#. Anything bigger looks out of proportion and too big on the inside for me.

    Normally I haul around checkbook, agenda, business card holder, Bern, Karo GM (cosmetics, mints, gum, pen, bits-n-bobs), sunglasses, cell phone, keys, papers.....the 30cm fits all this perfectly with some room to spare!
  4. Purse-o-holic: I think the 30 cm would be perfect for you! Although considerably smaller than the 35cm, you can still fit a lot of things into it. You can definitely fit all the items listed on your list, except the umbrella, I think.

    If you MUST bring the umbrella, then perhaps the size 35 would be better in terms of space. In size 30, you would be able to put in your pocket umbrella, but you might end up doing some digging up from the bottom of your bag cos the other items would be on top of it.
  5. Oh and birkingal, you look fabulous!!!
  6. I love that photo of you Birkingal :tup:

    Purs-o-holic - you will get all that in your 30 no problem. I also carry a small umbrella in my bag on occasion and have no issue fitting it. Best of luck in you hunt for the perfect bag.:smile:
  7. You could easiy fit that in a 30, but if you can, try on both sizes.

    I am also about your size, but carry a 35. I love having the extra space in the bag for all of those random things that I carry from time to time...
  8. I am 5'1 and have a few 30's. They are perfect for me. The 35 is way to big! I got lost in the one I had so I got rid of it.
  9. IMO, you really have to play with both of them to figure it out.

    You can be a petite female and definitely rock the 35 and you can be very tall female and carry off the 30. It is all in your mindset and comfort level!
  10. Hello Purse-o-holic, I've always loved these contents threads. I am 5'1" and prefer 30cm Birkins. Here's what I can fit into mine. It still seems like a lot to me and I'm constantly trying to pare down. This is the most I carry in my bag, but lately I've been getting used to JPG Mini Kelly Clutches.


    List of things inside:

    1. Karo GM (contents inside THIS in the next picture!)
    2. Bearn wallet
    3. hairbrush
    4. cellphone
    5. pressed powder compact
    6. sunglasses (lost the case)


    And here's what's inside the Karo GM:

    1. Eyeliner
    2. Pen
    3. 3 lipsticks (one in a pot)
    4. 4-cles
    5. Mints
    6. Keys that don't fit in the 4-cles
    7. Small bottle of Advil (I have 2 small children)
    8. Tissue pack
    9. Gum

    Hope this helps in making a decision! BTW, congratulations on your pregnancy! :smile:
  11. Gorgeous rainbow, 24 Faubourg! :nuts:
  12. Lucy ~ I Could Stare @ Your Pictures For The Rest Of My Life & Never Have To Look At Anything Else!
  13. if you are pregnant then I suggest def get the 30cm since 35cms tend to be heavy to carry around except if your 35 is chevre.:tup:
    congrats btw on your pregnancy:yahoo: