What can you fit in the Pouchette???

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  1. Hi all,

    I am thinking about getting the white multicolor pouchette. Does anyone have the pouchette? What can you fit in it? Or I should say how much can you fit in it? Does it have an inside pocket? Thanks for the info!!
  2. No inside pocket. I can fit: My cellphone, keys, money, credit cards, lipstick and a compact. I am sure i could put more in but I dont like it to look lumpy. Its definately an ok size for an evening bag.

  3. Absolutly nothing!!!! The very bare essentials!!!
  4. I can fit my broome wallet, mono card holder, cellphone and 2 tubes of lipgloss. Hope this helps!
  5. Here is a pic of my pochette with business card holder, keys w/cles, phone, lipgloss, cigs, lighter, gum and that's about it.:biggrin:
  6. i can fit in my wallet, keys, cellphone, compact, lipgloss, eyeliner, gum, hairclips, and a little hairbrush.....and probably some other stuff but i don't really need to fit anything else....
  7. The only pochette with a pocket is the perforated pochette. It's a tiny one though so I just keep my money and ID's in there. As for the white MC one (and the rest of the pochettes LV makes), it usually fits: small wallet (I recommend the Ludlow), keycase, a couple of lip glosses, cell phone, other keys and a pen. It can fit more but I hate that stuffed look so I just put those items in mine.
  8. LV-addict, does it close comfortably with your things in it?
  9. I don't have a camera at the moment, but I can put my compact, lipgloss, tissues, wallet, bus pass and change purse into my pochette. I kind of just don't care how it looks so I'm all for the packing it in until it barely closes ! :shame:
  10. If you take out the car keys then it closes fine. With the keys you have to force the zipper.:sad2:
  11. I fit my cellphone,lipgloss,medium sized wallet,and keys =D
  12. LVaddict: love your 'gut' LV pic~!
  13. A Cles With Extra Keys Attached ($ & CC's Inside), Cell, VERY Small Compact, Lipliner, Lipgloss & Small Pack Of Mints........
  14. I follow the rules of MILK +C when it comes to small bags: Money, ID, lipgloss, keys + cell =D
  15. 0o0o, i cant wait to get my pochette!!!!!! i think it will be a great going out bag!!!!