What can you fit in the east west flap?

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  1. Anyone?
  2. ^^I'd like to know as well.
  3. I can fit a long french wallet (the lady dior one) and a cell phone, a few pens and keys. thats about it. i need to get a smaller wallet!! it holds the essentials but not much else
  4. How about a wallet, the long kind with change purse on the front, making it a tad bulky, a checkbook, lipstick, keys. There is the back pocket for slipping in biz cards or grocery list. Am thinking about scaling down the wallet at some point since bank card and driver's license is about all I really need. To compare with my black classic of the same length, the above items is what fits in that one as well. The e/w is lighter in weight than the classic.
  5. Thanks everyone!
  6. im sorry if there is already a thread on this (mods, feel free to let me know) but i was wondering if anyone who owns an East West (25cm x 13cm x 5 cm) would be able to let me know what you can fit in ... ie can you use it as a day bag or is it eve only?

    thanks!! :heart:
  7. I prefer to use my e/w as a night bag only since I usually carry the world with me during the day. It easily fits a blackberry, compact, even my LV mini pochette. Also, there is an outside pocket which I don't use but can fit credit cards, cash, etc. I find that the medium flap is much roomier and passes better as a day bag.
  8. Hi,

    I just bought an east/west black caviar with silver hardware and I'm really happy of it! Inside I can put my wallet, my phone, and a lipstick...
    It's a bit difficult to hold keys in it, and I use the bag for going out and not for work (I have a Louis Vuitton Alma). :rolleyes:
  9. I use mine for day time, any time. It's very lightweight; I use a credit card holder versus wallet. Great little Chanel!!
  10. I use my east west for days if I don't need much, or for dinner/movies/nights on the town. Mine holds my credit card holder or small wallet, checkbook, cell phone, keys, compact and lipstick quite comfortably.
  11. In my e/w bags (which is my day bag 90% of the time) I can fit a small square wallet, checkbook/pen, keys, lipstick, powder compact, phone and a pack of mints.
  12. wadz the recent price for the e/w? are u gers in states?
  13. In my east west flap :
  14. Wow, I am impressed. Great packing :smile: