What can you fit in an Outdoor Ligne Hobo *pics*

  1. There has been so much talk about the Outdoor Ligne Hobo on a few threads I decided to try to put to rest all the questions.

    Chanel made the Outdoor Ligne Hobo (also called Messenger) in two sizes.

    The smaller size has the CC zipper pull and is 15" across:

    The larger size has a leather zipper pull and is 17" across. Here is a pic of the larger one along side the Modern Chain Tote:

    It has a cell phone pocket and another open pocket on one side. You can see my iPod and Sensa pen in there. And a zipper pocket on the other side.

    Here are some pics of what is in my bag:

    Everything pictured in here was in that large hobo bag: Fendi Sneakers (we have snow here!), Starbucks water bottle, LV accessory bag, LV Credit Card case, iPod in Chanel iPod holder, Forbes magazine, LV white epi cles (Gawd, I need a new color), BV zip wallet, cell phone (DH took iPhone and I need to get one!), Gucci gloves (did I say it is cold here!), Sensa Pen, Hewett Packard calculator (I'm a geek). And also, after having looked at this pic I'm a label whore!

  2. Thx for the pics! Those are really informative!
  3. WOW!
    thank you for the post :tup:
    You can fit a ton in there.
  4. That is a great bag for your weather, isn't it? I had no idea that bag held so much, either! Thanks for the photos, those are both beautiful.
  5. Thanks everyone for the nice compliments!

    Yes you can fit a ton in there. But this is NOT the bag for you if you like a structured bag. Things do tend to get jumbled around. Just wanted to put out that warning.

    Also, the leather is distressed. It looks like it "scratches" easily. But it really doesn't. Just rub it and it all become part of the leather again. So if you are super ANAL about scratches on your bags then this is not the bag for you.

    However, if you want a Chanel bag that doesn't SCREAM Chanel, fits a TON and is a little edgy then you might like this bag.

    Also, the best way to wear/carry this bag is not with the bulk of the bag under your arm, but swung around your back so that it looks like a hump. KWIM? Almost like a backpack with one arm thru the back pack loop. It really looks great when it is carried that way. And you don't have feel it under your arm.
  6. OMG it can fit all of that! I love looking inside Chanel bags and the accesories Chanel gals use
  7. ^
    Thats what I thought..and I thought I packed HEAVY.....
    Now I am temtped to get one thats on sale..lol
  8. It can get heavy with shoes and water bottle in it. But that is what is INSIDE. It is not a heavy bag when it is empty.

    I absolutely adored this bag when it first came out but the Outdoor Ligne never really caught on. It isn't too Chanel-y KWIM? So that is probably why it is on sale.

    The leather is distressed caviar and it wears like iron.

    I know Roey is a big fan of Outdoor, as are leem and takeoutbox. Any of us would be happy to answer any questions.

    Here is takeoutbox's thread when she first got her bag:

    Outdoor Ligne Hobo Rave
  9. This is the bag I bring when I travel. It can fit a ton and since the leather is so durable I don't mind if it gets banged up a bit. It is nice to have a bag you don't have to worry about too much.
  10. I wish I was a hobo girl because my dark brown Outdoor tote is not very big. Too bad Chanel didn't make it the size of the large DS tote. What stops me from selling it is the durability and color. The brown is so rich in this ligne. I even bought the dark brown matching wallet on sale last month.
  11. Maxter, I cannot believe the large outdoor ligne hobo can fit that much :wtf::nuts: I can't wait to get my navy hobo tomorrow!! :yahoo:
  12. Oh Roey, I like that wallet so much! Congrats!

    Yeah, you have to be a hobo girl. But I never thought I would like a hand-held bag until I tried it. Now I love them!

    I tried the tote in this ligne - remember in red? Just wasn't working for me.