What can you fit in a Thompson St?

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  1. I am feeling like I need one :smile: but would like to know is it so small its just a nighttime bag?
  2. Thompson Sts. are pretty big! I have one but don't have a picture right now! I can fit my wallet, phone, keys and agenda and some small make-up. I hope someone else can help you with a pic!
  3. its the exact same as the musette tango...i have it in monogram and it fits a wallet, my bf's wallet, both our cells, lipgloss and keys. it is my winter daily "driver." lol
  4. Can you wear it across your body or just on your shoulder?
  5. just on your shoulder, but you may be able to get a longer strap from LV.

    it fits quite a lot for a little bag! keys, wallet, camera, ipod, sunglasses, misc stuff, and my phone too, although I forgot to throw it in.
    ts1.jpg ts2.jpg
  6. i know thompson st is only for the shoulder you cant remove the strap so i doubt if you can wear it as a sling bag... i hope we could... I love this bag in marshmallow or bronze, but since I use a long wallet.. that's all it fits plus my cell and a gloss... too small for my daily use.
  7. I love it in marshallow and bronze too.

    I wish it could be a sling bag.........
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