What can you fit in a groovy????

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  1. I have been looking to downsize what I carry. My daughter has been bringing her own backpack when we go places so I can put all the stuff for her in there. SOOOOOO I have been eyeing the groovy but I have a graffiti zip around wallet that I love and don't want to change and it seems like it would be too big for the groovy....
    What can actually be carried in there?

    What are some other smaller bag options?

  2. Does anyone know if the outlets have groovys yet?
  3. yes I've seen the magenta (i believe that's the color) and the spearmint groovies.
  4. Yes the outlets have the groovy, and I went to fp and checked one out also.. I actually took stuff out of my purse to see what would fit. I got my wallet (long clutch wallet), Amanda satin make-up case, phone(g1),tissue pack, small notepad, mini skinny, and small wristlet in it no problem and it wasnt over stuffed or anything. the only thing I couldn't fit was my sunnies case, but i can leave that in my car console. A lot fits in there, its deceiving.

  5. I would love to see these in the outlets....
  6. That helps a lot... I think I may have to take a trip there today or tomorrow with the lovely coupon :smile:
  7. Yeah, the Groovy APPEARS TO BE SMALL but you can definitely FIT A LOT into that lil' beauty! Love the front pocket - very generous. Can keep your keys, cell - things you wanna have quick axcess to
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    Yes, the Groovy does hold a good amount. The only thing I had to downsize when I used it was a huge make-up bag...but I had way too much in my purse anyway ;)
    I will see if I can find the pics from my post of what the groovy can hold...
    [​IMG] There was still room for way more stuff...I had another pic...but can't find it. Sorry =(
  9. Lets see I carry a medium zip around wallet, a parker wristlet, mini skinny, cell phone, keys, pad of paper and I have some room to spare! :smile:
  10. i was shocked at how much it holds.
  11. I have in mine: amanda cosmetic bag, madison small wallet, kleenx, wristlet with pens, pack of gum and smokes. small front pocket: poppy id wristlets, keys and cell phone. still have room. I am loving this bag.
  12. I bought a black on black signature satin groovy at the outlet this weekend and I am absolutely delighted with this little bag! I was looking for a versatile, smallish, light-weight black bag that would be easy to pack for business trips and the groovy is exactly what I was looking for! I can't wait to try her out and see how much stuff I can get into her! This little bag looks surprisingly roomy!
  13. i really do love her. glad i got her
  14. i have altoids, wallet, keys, cellphone, kleenex, lipstick, gloss and a couple of other things...i love that it is hands free!!!