What can you fit in a Flat Clutch?

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  1. Hi girls & guys,

    I am looking to purchase my first Bal, and I am loving the FLAT CLUTCH.
    My concern is, what I will be able to fit in one. I am currently carrying an LV damier 25 - which is a perfect size for me.

    What can everyone fit in their Flat Clutches?

    Do you ever carry them by the strap?

    and Please, feel free to post pictures!! :graucho::graucho:

    (to mods: I've done a search and couldn't find a post like this, if I am mistaken, please delete or move)
  2. Oh, I'm wondering the same thing too since I've never seen the Flat Clutch IRL!
  3. i have a ggh black flat clutch and it fits the same as a first bbag;)....

    you can fit:a balenciaga money, a blackberry, keys, a bal cp :smile:

  4. really, it fits as much as a First do? Yay, that is a pleasant surprice:nuts:
    BTW, isn't your Sapphire SGH a Flat Clutch as well?
  5. Here is my Flat clutch and First comparison. You could fit more but I don't like it to be lumpy.




  6. Oh, I want a Flat clutch so bad right now! I'd like a black with GGH, I think it looks cool and classy at the same time. How do you usually wear it? By the strap?
  7. ejsc55, thanks so much for your comparison pics! The Flat Clutch is really much bigger than I thought :tup:
  8. Yes it is a lot bigger than I had originally thought too. I usually have the strap around my wrist. I actually used it cross body once, I had a black leather strap that I hooked on to the end loop and to the zipper.
  9. Thank you Addy!

    And thank you ejsc55 for the pics! and everyone for your comments!

    I was on the fence on whether I wanted to spend funds on Chanel wallet or Bal flat clutch. The Bal totally won! - and now one is on it's way to meeeeeeee :o) This will be my first bal after quite some time stalking everyone's photos in this forum.

    Thank you ladies and feel free to post more pictures!
  10. Oh, so excited for you!! Which color did you get? And is it ggh or sgh? Can't wait to se pics:smile:
  11. Congrats! You are going to love it. I have an Amethyst with GSH and use it all the time. Please post pics when you get it.
  12. i'd love to have a flat clutch. looks like it holds alot. i've never seen one irl either!
  13. Those are some hot clutches.... def on my wishlist too! They caught me immediately!
  14. I picked... Autumn with GSH!!! it's from s/s 09 the leather looks so chewy and wonderful.. it's total leather porn!!

    I can't wait! I found it on realdeal collection.com! Here are the pics from the website..

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