What can you fit in a cles?

  1. For those with cles' what do you put in yours? Can you fit a credit card in it? Business cards?
  2. i sometimes just use it as a wallet..................put some cards, a dollar or two, change, and toss it into my other bag
  3. I have a charms cles which hold a lot. I can fit change, dollar bills, and about 7 credit/business cards. I also have a vernis cles, and groom cles. They don't fit as much as the charms cles.
  4. not much!
    I had one for one day and returned it for the little Bags & Trunks Pouch {or whatever!}

    I put some extra cards and credit cards in mine and if you put more than a dozen they become very hard to get out.
    It's pretty tight.
  5. there are so many cute cles, I have never purchased as I did not think anything would really fit in. after reading the above, I might have to get one.
  6. I have a Vernis Cles it's so pretty and it can fit change and a few credit cards, But something like the Damier one would most likely fit more.
  7. <-----I actually have just one cles, the mono min lin in ebene....and I use it for just that, to store my keys inside so that they don't scratch up the insides of my bags!!!!
  8. using the search tool within the Lv sub forum is great, there are a ton of thread with pic's on this already..
  9. i can fit tons of credit cards, a few business cards and money folded in quarters and some change. (i dont really keep too much change)
    oh if i only have money in there i can fit a mac lipglass too.
  10. my phone fit in the cles, with a couple cards
  11. I usually put my ID in it when I go to the club or somewhere I don't want to take a huge wallet.
  12. I have coins and a few bills in mines.I had all my id's bundled in a plastic cover and thought putting it in my cles was a good idea it wasn't cause I got it intertwined with the zipper so I don't suggest that,lol.
  13. Question,..is the Key and Change holder a "cles"???
    If so, I just got one and love it! Put my ID card for the gym, change/bills for a water, keys are on it...so now I don't have to bring a bag with me!
  14. I keep all my extra club cards, gift cards and insurance cards and misc. cards in it. I love mine.
  15. Yep!
    A Key & Change holder is a Cles.
    They are so small yet so handy.