What can you fit in a Alexa!?

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  1. I am interested in getting an Alexa and i was wondering what people can fit in one, if there are any pictures of "Whats in my Mulberry?" or anything like that

    Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Also are there any good Mulberry shops with helpful sales assistants in London :smile: Thank you again :angel:
  2. I have a Grape Alexa which I can fit quite a lot into. I don't overload it too much though. If I need to carry a lot I tend to use Roxanne Tote or my Bayswater.

    Alexa can easily fit Long Locked Purse, a Pouch, camera, book, phone.

    Have a look at this link to see what people carry in their bags. There are bound to be Alexas on there somewhere.


  3. Are you thinking Regular or Oversize? OS is equivalent of Bays imo.

    As for SA in the particular shop, it's depends on the day, they move around (some are not) - but in majority I think people prefer SCP rather than Bond St... I actually quite like Bond Street in my experience. SCP was lovely too. I didn't have good feeling in Brompton road but that was just one time.
  4. I use a business size vip liner in mine and within that my mulberry pocket book, long locked purse, card wallet, make up case, cheque book, phone and numerous bits and pieces like keys etc. Regular is surprisingly roomy but if I need my camera and a book I use my OS.

  5. The regular, think the oversized would look lost on me! :sad:

    Where is SCP? I live in Cornwall so far away, just planning a day trip to find a beautiful bag and want to have as much info and done as much reasearch before i go then see if i can look at everything i like and feel them until i find a beautiful

    Thank you for your help!!! :yahoo:

  6. what is a business size vip liner?? is that like a A4 foldeR???

    Sorry, thanks for replying!!! :biggrin:

  7. Not many people have put pictures on there tho, i like to see pictures ( i can be a bit nosy sometimes but cant everyone?)

    That was the colour i wanted, i saw it in Liberty and it was beautiful! Love that shop! kind of fitted in with the look of it :smile:

    Thank you so much!!!!! :yahoo:
  8. The VIP liners are great and I have two. The classic is small and fits into the East West Bays and normal Alexas and that style.

    The Business is slightly larger and goes in most other size bags. See link below:


    There is a link some where on here that has some pics but I'm useless at finding them, so maybe one of the others will help you there.:graucho:

  9. Ahhh i get what it is now, THANKS!!!! they are so useful if you dont have many pockets, i was going to get one when i finally get my bag!

    I love looking on this forum and asking questions everyone is so helpful!!!!!

    THANK YOU :smile: :yahoo:
  10. Hi
    SCP = st christophers place = swanky shopping area just off oxford st near selfridges in london.

    Some Alexas have really grainy and slouchy leather, others are smoother and more structured. Its a matter of personal preference which type you like the best ( I like the smoother ones - the buckles don't fall down).

    If you go to London to buy, thats great as there are so many places that sell mulberry - the website lists them all but you have the mulberry shops (lovely carrier bags), selfridges, john lewis, house of fraser etc so you can shop around and find your perfect bag. you can ask the SAs to get out all of the available stock they have in a style to find the perfect leather - thats what i do and they don't seem to mind - I think they are used to it!!!!!!

    good luck and make sure you upload some piccies when you get one
  11. I haven't got a liner and just dump everything into my Alexa. From memory I've got:

    - long purse
    - keys
    - smartphone
    - scarf
    - sunglasses
    - lipstick / lipbalm
    - pen

    It will fit 3 scarves if I really want to max out the space. Or 1 scarf and a jumper.
  12. Great thread, thanks for the link! I'm gonna make a sticky of that thread, so it will be easier to find for everyone :biggrin:

  13. Ahhh i sort of know where that is!!! I'm looking forward to going!!!!!

    Yeah I did read about the leather with Alexas and some people said the leather wasn’t up to standard, is it like that on a lot? Or does it take touching a few to know?? I kind of like slouchy smooth bags if that makes any sence, I don’t mind rigid bags but I find them more annoying, does it kind of mould to your bum (that sounds funny) but I mean if you had it on like a messenger bag and were walking would it be stiff or sit there nicely??

    I have to go to London to buy one really as I don’t want to order of line as its no way near as fun as looking and touching all the designer bags is it, and I love to go to London at any chance! Lol

    The sa shouldn’t really mind doing anything if they want to make a sale lol sounds a bit cheeky! Lol

    I will defiantly take some pics if I choose the alexa as it has been my dream bag for EVER!!!!!!

    [FONT=&quot]Thank you for all your help!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Im a little bit excited!!!![/FONT]

  14. One other questions......

    Does it come in a nice box and in a bag??? (Well i know they come with dust bags) I like people to look and be like oh she has just spent lots lol

    There was going to be two but i forgot the second, after the excitement of the first lol :nuts:

  15. Thats quite a bit!!! Put up a picture! :smile:

    Do you mean like a hoody or a cardigan??

    Thank you!!!! :biggrin: