What can you find in mum's Bag ?

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  1. what a cute story, that totally brought a smile to my face! my 2 sons love digging around my purses too. my older one always knows when i have a new bag, unfortunately he always rats me out to my DH! he'll say "new purse mommy?"

    so cute, i love it when little kids discover new things :P
  2. absolutely precious!
  3. Hahaha! That is so CUTE!
  4. Awwww, so cute! What a cute boy!
  5. Thank you every body for you sweet messages:tender:!
    I 'm happy that thoses pics make you smile:smile:.

    Siri Anne : I've bought a Work for the toys ! Thanks for the advice !
    Nicole2730 : I'm quite for the moment...he does not talk yet !

    Another detail : he's got "bleu glacier" eyes as my first :yes:.
  6. sooo cute! your son can do an ad for Balenciaga ads
  7. Sweet!! pix and baby!!
  8. Your baby is so cute:yes: and has great taste in bags;)