What can you find in mum's Bag ?

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  1. Hi,

    Just for fun, this little story :

    I was in the park with my baby. After a long ride, we take a rest before going back to home. i took my baby on my knees and put my Bbag close to me on the seat. Suddenly, Baby was very interested by the tassel of my bag. So i put it in his stroller with my bag and take those pics.
    He began a long investigation...and he found the mirror ! He played with it a long time but i stop him when he started to beat it ! (he's got 2 tooth now!).

    A cute moment in life...

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  2. he is soo cute soo adorable :love:
  3. He's So Cute!!
  4. Precious, love the story and the cute pics!!!!
  5. oh my god that is soooooooooooo cuuuuuuuute!!! i love him!! :biggrin: oh and your bbag is amazing!!
  6. So cute, lovely baby and bag...my daughter is 19 months but I still have to keep the bags away from her as she loves to tug on anything so the tassels are very tempting, if I showed her the mirror that would be the end of my bag!!
  7. hehe. Great looking baby and bag.
  8. Darling!!! Your photos made me smile. :smile:
  9. Soooooooooo cute:yes: It won't be long before you find your Bbag is filled with matchbox cars and dinosaurs and all sorts of fun boy toys! At least mine always seems to be...
  10. Awwwwwwwwwwww :love:
  11. Oh, he's just adorable. And VERY nice bag!!
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!! How cute is that!!!! I love him too!!!!!
  13. I love the pics and your son is absolutely adorable!
  14. Adorable!!!!
  15. It's so cute
    My daughter loves my bbag too