What can you do if you don't have a stove hood?

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  1. I'll have a stove hood put in when I remodel my kitchen in a few years, but for now, the smoke alarm (in the hall) goes off when I broil meat on the high setting. I don't often do that, but when I do, the dogs go nuts. The other day the bedrooms smelled a little like beef.

    Is there a quick and easy fix I can implement to keep the heat or smoke away from the rest of the house? The kitchen has a window. Can I do something easy with a fan? Or maybe get one of those portable dyson fan things?

    I would appreciate any ideas you chefs might have. :smile:

  2. Open the window and put a fan it in (facing out) when you are cooking. It won't help like a hood will, but it will certainly be better than now. Close the doors to the bedrooms when you cook and air out the house when you are done.

    I have a range but it doesn't suck toward the outside, it just kind of moves the air around. I open the window when the hood is on and it helps to pull in fresh air.
  3. Thanks!

    I also found that if I broil on Low instead of High, the smoke alarm doesn't go off.
  4. I do have a hood, but it's a Dacor pop-up type that's too wimpy. When the weather is good, I use my portable induction burner in the sun room with all the windows open - that way, the whole house doesn't smell of curry or whatever it is I happen to be cooking.